Bing Is Awful: MS Flight Simulator Players Have Turned To Google To Fix The Game’s Weird Buildings

Microsoft Flight Simulator is amazing for many reasons, from the incredible detail of the plane models to the superb flight physics. There’s also the dynamic real-world weather that some people are using to explore Hurrican Laura.

Another technical achievement of MS Flight Simulator is the game’s map, which is generated using data scraped from Bing Maps. This allows a living room pilot to fly literally anywhere in the world, but some players are noticing that Bing doesn’t always get things right.

For example, there’s the issue of those weird black monoliths that sort of make you wonder if MS Flight Simulator takes place in an alternate universe where aliens have installed space elevators to help get humanity to the stars. And then there’s the issue of Buckingham Palance rendered as a generic office building–an issue shared by the entire city of Dubai.

We’re not even going to discuss the madness you’ll observe if you fly over Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm.

Lucky for Micorosoft, MS Flight Simulator was designed with the community in mind, and the community is already hard at work fixing everything that’s wrong with the game. The FS2020Creation subreddit has loads of tutorials to teach any MS Flight Simulator enthusiasts how to make their own 3D models and import data from Google to give those Bing Maps buildings a few touch-ups.

Starting with user High_Frame_Rates, who fixed the famous Sydney Bridge so that it actually has an arch and isn’t just a generic suspension bridge. Then there’s user gabelrocker, who fixed the National Stadium in Singapore to look a lot more like a real stadium and not just a flat disc.

User mbiebel872 is undertaking a far more ambitious project to fix the entire Atlantic City skyline.

Some aren’t even turning to Google to fix Bing’s mistakes and are just doing everything themselves. HarrisonRC is remaking Spinnaker Tower of Portsmouth, England entirely from scratch in Blender.

Given enough time, we’re pretty sure that the MS Flight Simulator community will fix the entire world.

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