Biggest Video Game News Of The Week (July 16 – 22)

In a year dominated by Elden Ring, a brutally difficult game that requires players to face off against terrifying bosses in a fantasy world, it's a little surprising to have experienced a week instead dominated by a game where you're a cat. That happened this week, but while Stray has been talked about a lot, it hasn't been the only video game making headlines this week.

More players have been afforded the chance to try MultiVersus, and after a week absolutely filled with leaks, Naughty Dog finally caved and officially revealed almost everything we can expect from The Last of Us Part 1. More on all of that as we go over the biggest stories in the video game world from the last seven days.

Everyone And Their Cat Is Playing Stray

Odds are your timelines have been full with pictures and clips of people playing Stray this week. Annapurna's latest game launched on Tuesday, and it has captured the attention of more people than the studio likely expected. Almost 63,000 people were playing it on Steam at one point, breaking Annapurna's previous record by 55,000 players. Cats are loving it too. The most popular reaction to the game has taken the form of people recording their cats' reactions to it as they play. It's a short game, but it's worth your time, especially since it's free to anyone who has PS Plus Premium or Extra.

The MultiVersus Beta Has Begun

The first open beta for MultiVersus begins this weekend. However, some have already been playing thanks to early access, which means a number of new details about the Smash-inspired fighter have been making it out into the world. Players and devs have quickly discovered Taz's tornado is pretty overpowered, the Iron Giant took a lot longer to create than anyone else on the roster, and there will be some big reveals surrounding the game at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. MultiVersus is by no means perfect, but hey, the whole point of a beta test is to find the issues and fix them before a full launch.

Naughty Dog Reveals A Lot About The Last Of Us Part 1

Naughty Dog revealed The Last Of Us Part 1, a PS5 remake of the original game, at Summer Game Fest. What it didn't explain is how exactly the remake will be different from the original outside of its visuals. Details pertaining to that have been leaking over the course of the last week, and on Thursday night, Naughty Dog finally caved. The studio dropped a ten-minute video explaining the updates to Part 1's enemy and buddy AI, new modes added to the game, and other major changes, many of which have been pulled from Part 2 as expected. As for whether it's worth the $70 price tag, that will be up to the individual to decide.

Is Netflix's Resident Evil Good Or Not?

Netflix's Resident Evil adaptation launched last week, and the reactions to it have been a huge issue over the past seven days. A lot of games have been or are in the process of being adapted right now, but none has generated the polar opposite reactions that Resident Evil has. Some people appear to love the show, praising how much it pulls from the games. However, other Resident Evil fans don't like the show, seemingly for the exact same reasons as they critique that elements have been pulled from too many corners of the series' universe. The show has 22 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of Netflix's worst-rated shows, so there's probably not much of a chance it will get a second season.

A First Look At FIFA 23

FIFA as we have known it for almost 30 years is coming to an end. Starting in 2023, EA will leave the FIFA branding behind, and its annual football games will be called EA Sports FC. Before that happens, we will get one more EA-made FIFA game, and this week we got our first idea of what to expect from it. EA revealed FIFA 23 will have a female player on its international cover for the first time, and explained more about what to expect from cross-play, which will be included in a FIFA game for the very first time. However, it's bad news for Pro Clubs players, who are very put out by the revelation the mode will not be getting cross-play in FIFA 23.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Has Been Delayed

A lot of games that were meant to be here in 2022 now won't launch until 2023. There are still a couple that supposedly will be here by the end of the year that most won't believe they'll be playing by Christmas until they're holding them in their hands, like Sonic Frontiers and God Of War Ragnarok. For some reason, Ubisoft remained adamant that its Avatar game Frontiers Of Pandora would also be here by the end of the year. The studio finally caved this week, confirming it won't be here until at least 2023. The aim was likely to launch it alongside the movie's sequel, but that goal proved to be a little too ambitious.

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