Beyond Light’s Best Mission Featured Totally Improvised Ghost Lines

You should get Salvation’s Grip, the new Exotic grenade launcher introduced in Beyond Light. Not because it’s a particularly great Exotic–it’s fine, but it’s really just a tool to combo with other Stasis abilities. No, the great thing about Salvation’s Grip is the mission you have to complete in order to get it.

During the mission, Drifter sends you up to the Fallen City in order to steal Salvation’s Grip from Fallen scientists. Your Ghost informs you at the start of the mission that Drifter is off doing something else and isn’t available to direct you personally, so instead Ghost puts on his best Drifter impersonation to narrate your heist.

It turns out that this in-game explanation isn’t too far off from what happened in real life. According to Reddit user gunmaster95, a verified Bungie developer, scheduling issues prevented Drifter voice actor Todd Michael Haberkorn from recording his lines for the mission. However, Bungie was able to schedule Ghost voice actor Nolan North, instructing him to put on his best Drifter voice to do some slightly altered lines.

Apparently, on the first take North did such a good job that he was instructed to re-record the lines, only worse. He wound up with a slightly more Wild Western accent than Drifter has normally, which only added to the humor of the mission.

This isn’t the first time Bungie called in North to replace a voice actor caught out due to scheduling. He also voiced Cayde-6 in Forsaken when Nathan Fillion couldn’t get in to record lines. Although, Bungie wasn’t going for a hilarious impersonation and was actually going for as close to the real thing as possible in Forsaken.

Speaking of Salvation’s Grip, there’s a new exploit that uses the Exotic grenade launcher to kill raid bosses pretty much instantly. This is a huge problem for Bungie as Deep Stone Crypt arrives on Saturday for another World’s First raid competition. These are a big deal in the Destiny community, and a bug like this might make the final completion time a lot shorter than usual.

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