Bethesda Might Be Starting Elder Scrolls VI Production According To New Job Listing

Ever since Bethesda revealed the official teaser trailer for the next The Elder Scrolls game at E3 2018, the company has been silent. No new significant information was revealed, thus leaving fans more anxious and interested as to what the game will be about, or better yet, when it will be released. Now, it seems that fans have something to look forward to since Bethesda may have possibly revealed that it is starting to work on the game.

The information comes from a job listing via ZeniMax’s (Bethesda’s parent company) page in which the company is seeking an individual “to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles.” Considering the fact that The Elder Scrolls games are indeed RPGs, it is very logical to assume that the job listing is for The Elder Scrolls VI. No other major Bethesda games, especially those that have been teased or announced in recent memory, can be considered full-on RPGs like The Elder Scrolls.

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Additionally, the website also has a listing for a Video Editor position, possibly implying that Starfield, which is also an upcoming Bethesda game, is set to release in the future. Particularly, the listing states that the ideal candidate for the position has “experience capturing compelling video game footage and editing it into exciting promotional videos.” In other words, the job listing is most likely for promotional use of Starfield in the form of ads, commercials, TV spots, and general marketing.

Adding the two pieces of information together, it is very possible to speculate that Bethesda is nearly finished with Starfield and is now developing The Elder Scrolls VI. Considering that the previous The Elder Scrolls game came out in 2011, a new one is long overdue. However, fans shouldn’t expect a release too soon. With the potential job listing, it seems like Bethesda might be in the process of working on and developing the game.

Although the above information is speculation, it’s difficult to not feel excited for a new The Elder Scrolls game. In the meantime, fans will simply have to be patient while anticipating Starfield in order to keep themselves busy until The Elder Scrolls VI comes out.

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