Best PS5 and Xbox Series X accessories from a company you’d never expect

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IKEA has launched a brand new selection of gaming furniture and accessories.

Designed in collaboration with Republic of Gamers, IKEA’s new gaming range will be available to purchase next month.

According to IKEA, the company is working on more than 30 different products, including desks, chairs, headset stands and mouse pads.

Items start at just £4.50 for the mouse pad, £7.50 for neck pillows and mugs, and £99 for gaming chairs. The most expensive items cost upwards of £350.

The stylish new gaming items have an October 1 release date, and make ideal Christmas presents.

“We know a lot about gamer needs, pain points and expectations, and we want to design solutions for ultimate, immersive gaming experiences”, says Republic of Gamers designer Johnny Chan.

“Driven by relentless innovation, the new range offers gamers a high-performing solution to home gaming setups, with performance and functionality at the heart of the design.

“The collaboration aims to provide relevant, functional, stylish, and affordable products allowing everyone to create their desired gaming setups within the home.”

Elsewhere, IKEA’s Ewa Rychert hints at more to come from the company’s efforts to make a mark in the gaming industry.

“We believe there’s a lot to be done to democratise the gaming experience,” Rychert explains.

“We’ve taken the first step on our gaming journey, and have done it by offering consumers affordable, high-performing gaming products and complete home solutions that we hope reflect people’s personality and taste.”

While the range primarily targets PC gamers, there are plenty of accessories that could come in handy for PlayStation and Xbox fans.

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Storage units can be used to store games and peripherals, while neck pillows ensure you remain comfortable.

To celebrate the release of the new range, IKEA is holding a tournament that culminates at EGX.

“To celebrate the launch, IKEA and ROG are announcing an online gaming tournament – ‘IKEA x ROG For Those Who Dare Challenge’.

“The qualifiers will start on Friday 24th September, with the final being held at the EGX event in London on 8th October.”

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