Best Battlefield 2042 LCMG Attachments

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  • Best LCMG Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The LCMG is another underrated weapon in Battlefield 2042 and you shouldn't ignore it. Considering the problems with bloom in the game, the more bullets you have the more chance you've got of hitting someone. With the right attachments, the LCMG can be loaded up with 400 rounds. Yep.

This attachment guide requires a bit of grinding as most of the best attachments are unlocked a bit later on. We'll also give you a couple of tips on how the LCMG plays.

Best LCMG Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The LCMG is an excellent weapon: it has a lot of versatility with a huge magazine that can be supplemented with an underbarrel shotgun for close-range encounters. It has low recoil, plenty of damage, and remains stable even at medium to long-range. Once you've turned to the LMGs, it's pretty hard to go back to regular assault rifles.

  • Sight – This is personal preference, but we've found success with the TV 2x and the Fusion Holo. You don't need a sight with much more range than that.
  • Ammo – You've got two options here – Close Combat ammo or Extended Magazine. Switch between the two while you play to adapt to your situation as well as reload/restock your weapon.
  • Barrel – Again, two options depending on your situation – Extended or Short Barrel. The Short Barrel is a lot of fun if you pair it up with the Close Combat ammo. You're basically carrying a massive SMG.
  • Underbarrel – We've had fun with the underbarrel shotgun (it actually seems a bit overpowered, reloads too fast, lots of bullets, etc) but you can use the Light Grip as well for stability control while running and gunning.

The LCMG has two main uses: as a close range massive SMG or a medium to long range beam machine that you can use while on the move, essentially an assault rifle with lots of ammo. This gun is pretty strong and we expect there are likely some changes on the horizon for the LMGs in 2042.

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