Best Battlefield 2042 DXR Attachments

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  • Best DXR Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The DXR is the best sniper rifle in the game following the nerfs to the NTW during the first couple of weeks in Battlefield 2042. It has a decent fire rate, plenty of damage, and is versatile enough to be modified on the move.

This short attachment guide covers what sort of sights, ammunition attachments, and barrel attachments, work best for the gun. We'll also go over a couple of gameplay tips and Specialist choices while using the sniper.

Best DXR Attachments In Battlefield 2042

The DXR is the best sniper in the game, and it's not really even close. Your NTW is far too slow, although it does put out damage, and the beginner sniper is just there to get you started. Here's our preferred DXR loadout after hitting Mastery 25.

  • Sight – Personal preference – long-range you want to take the 8x, it provides great range and a fast ADS time. A closer range sight can be fine as well.
  • Ammo – Standard Issue or High Power, both are fine. The HP rounds give you better kill potential but take a bit of getting used to.
  • Underbarrel – The bipod comes as standard on the DXR and you can't change it. Use it to your advantage for steadier shots.
  • Barrel Extended Barrel. This is a no-brainer. The long barrel increases your bullet velocity massively, which gives you a better chance of hitting those players on the move, or taking off any enemy's head before they hit you.

In terms of which Specialist is best to play with the sniper, it's definitely Angel. You don't start with much ammunition and constant resupplies are useful. Plus, that armor drop might be the difference between getting killed by an enemy sniper and winning the engagement.

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