Belle Delphine And Apex Legends Top List Of Adult Search Terms For 2019

Turns out gamers and streamers had a big influence on what people did during their alone time, and we’re not talking about the two hours we’ve set aside each day to play Fortnite.

Gamers are often painted with a very unappealing brush by people on the outside looking in. Unwashed, rude people who eat junk food and stay locked up in their rooms all day. While some gamers may be like that, those aren’t traits exclusive to that world. Most of us aren’t as sordid as the stereotype might suggest.

All of that being said, the list of PornHub‘s ten most searched words and terms in 2019 won’t be helping our plight any. While most of the entries are things someone would expect to see searched for on an adult site, there are a couple of gaming-related ones in there that show exactly where gamers were going once the consoles were off and the streams were no longer live.

That happened when Delphine announced she’d be starting up her very own PornHub channel. It turned out to be nothing more than a gag channel, but that clearly didn’t stop a certain sect of her fans flocking there. The other gaming term that made PornHub‘s top ten was Apex Legends. Released back in February of this year, clearly, its players wanted to see a little more of Bangalore and Crypto.

PornHub writes that Apex Legends ousted Fortnite as the most searched for video game on its site. There was one moment in 2019 that sent Fortnite players to the adult site, though. When the game went dark between chapters one and two, searches for the term “black hole” on PornHub shot up by a massive 9640%. Honestly though, what else do you expect people to do when you take Fortnite away from them for two days?

Source: PornHub

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