Beacon Pines: All charm Locations & Turning Point Solutions In Chapter Three

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In the third chapter of Beacon Pines, more of the ongoing mystery surrounding the town will be uncovered as you search for your missing friend, Rolo. With the help of your new friend Beck and the charm words that you find along the way, you’ll rewrite the story in exciting new ways to unravel the mystery of the town.

During your exploration of the town of Beacon Pines to find Rolo, you’ll be able to find a variety of optional new charms along the way, in addition to some that will be required to progress through this chapter’s single turning point puzzle and other turning point puzzles later in the game.

All Charm Locations In Chapter 3

As always in Beacon Pines, you’ll need to diligently examine and interact with the environment to find all of the charms. Some of these interactions are obvious for the sake of plot-critical charms, whilst some are significantly less obvious.

You won’t need all of the charms to progress, but it’s good to try and find as many as you can during the times when you're allowed to explore. If you’re having difficulty finding the charms, here are all of the charms that you’re able to find in this Chapter your first time through:

Charm Word How To Obtain
Strange One of the first steps of Chapter Three will involve following a strange sound that you’ll hear when alone in your house. After tracing the beeping sound to the walkie-talkie in your room, interact with it to receive the Strange charm.
Cling Talk to Visun in front of the ‘history museum’ tent in town to get the Cling charm
Fight Talk to Kado in the library when searching for Rolo to get the Fight charm.
Succulent You can examine lots of books in the library. Find a book in the bottom left corner shelf of the library to get the Succulent charm.
Struggle Gain the Strugglecharm after resolving the fight with the bullies Iggy and Dud in the turning point ‘Hazardous Hectoring’.

All Turning Point Solutions In Chapter 3

As with the second chapter, you’ll need to choose the right words to progress the story in Beacon Pines. In your search for Rolo, you’ll encounter one major turning point, which you’ll be able to interact with in only two ways initially.

Hazardous Hectoring

After searching with Beck for Rolo, upon reaching an area with a green puddle outside the warehouse, you’ll soon be approached by a couple of bullies – Iggy and Dud. This will trigger the next Turning Point puzzle.

Although you may have gained plenty of charms that might seem to fit for this hostile encounter, such as Fight, you’ll be presented with a choice of two: Strange or Tickle.

The best choice for this encounter in terms of progression is the Strange charm. This will cause Beck to behave strangely in a way that will provoke the bullies into embarrassing themselves. This will reward you with the Struggle charm, which can be used later on to find a new path through the Warehouse Horror Turning point in Chapter Two.

You’ll eventually return to this Turning Point very soon to pick the other option, but for now, it’s best to advance to Chapter Four by using the Strange charm to see which way this path leads.

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