Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Overhauls Game Into What 2042 Should Have Been

Battlefield 2042 might be dead, but Battlefield 3 is about to become everything that 2042 should have been. A team of 80 modders that have been working tirelessly for the past seven years to create the definitive Battlefield experience players have been craving with enhanced visuals, new game mechanics, defined player roles, and realistic destruction.

"Our fundamental goal is to create an immersive gameplay and a more realistic experience," reads the Battlefield 3 Reality mod site. At its core, the mod will "focus on team play, communication & combined arms," adding several new abilities for squad leaders to call in artillery strikes and deploy new defensive measures at forward operating bases (FOBs).

Reality completely changes Battlefield 3’s spawn system. Spawn points are deployed by the players, with Rally Points allowing for squad-wide respawns and FOBs being team-wide spawn points. Leaders can deploy assets at FOBs such as mortars, TOW missile launchers, AA guns, and sandbags, with overall side commanders getting access to UAVs.

An in-game VOIP system (something 2042 took months to receive) lets squad mates communicate on a dedicated channel and gives squad leaders the ability to contact HQ. There’s also a proximity chat to talk to nearby players, whether they be friend or foe.

Destruction and damage has also been overhauled in Reality, with a new medic system to address battlefield wounds. Soldiers can bleed out if not given field dressings, and medics can use their kits to send players back into the fight–especially useful on maps with limited revives.

Although still based on the Frostbite engine, Reality’s team has overhauled the game with new visual effects, physics, textures, models, and a simplistic UI. Maps have also been revamped, with Reality launching alongside five maps from the original game that have been given a once-over. There’s also a new dynamic weather system that adds a 24-hour day/night cycle too.

Rebalanced weapon handling, player movement, and advanced vehicle physics and damage models round out the big changes in Reality, which arrives on July 17 with version 0.1. Players will need to own Battlefield 3 and all its DLC to install Reality.

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