Bad news for Star Wars fans as EA confirms there’s no Jedi: Fallen Order demo

Though there seemed to be tempered excitement for it in the months running up to launch, suddenly the world has gone rabid with excitement at the idea of a new Star Wars action game.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is set to release November 15. That's this week – Friday! – so there's not long at all to wait.

As we're all pacing around waiting for that Jedi Fallen Order review embargo to drop, we've recently heard some less-than-enthusing information from publisher EA.

It looks like Respawn's latest game won't be available on EA subscription service EA Access.

"We've opted not to have early/timed access (Play First Trial), in part to reduce the risk of spoilers," EA noted in a tweet last night.

Instead, EA Access members will get exclusive in-game cosmetics… but that's not as good as a free crack at a highly-anticipated game, is it?

Generally speaking, EA Access gives players 10 hours of game time in new EA games, meaning curious players can demo the title without committing to a full purchase.

But for Fallen Order, you're going to have to buy the game if you want to try it out. Consider this a heads-up from us if you were planning to use that trial to play the game, instead of buying on Day One.

For those unaware, the game will tell an original story about Cal Kestis, a surviving Jedi Padawan, five years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Ever since EA Play at E3 2019, Respawn have been showing off more and more footage and it's looked pretty convincing.

By all accounts, it's melding elements of Uncharted's action/adventure exploration with lightsabre combat mechanics similar to something akin to Sekiro.

Recently Daily Star contributor Dan Lipscombe had the chance to play a good chunk of the game at a Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order preview event.

"The demo was a mouth-watering teaser. I want to see where the story takes me, I want to scour planets looking for parts for my Lightsaber, I want to grow closer to BD-1.

"I’m eager to see the Inquisitors, some of which are new to this game but already appearing in the Darth Vader comics (handy if you want to know more about this world right now).

"I played for fifty minutes and felt, for the entire time, like a Jedi.

"Surely that’s the best compliment I can give?"

You can read the rest of that preview on our Jedi Fallen Order preview page, and if you want to get the best Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order price , follow the link.

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