Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find All Of The Pieces Of The Brigandine Armor Set

The Brigandine Armor Set is perfect in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla if you love to rush into battle and throw stealth to the wind. It provides you with two bonuses that increase your armor when surrounded by two or more enemies and adds an additional increase to any melee damage. The stats are also pretty outstanding, but be aware that your stats will change based on what you have unlocked in your skill tree.

It is a set of Bear-aligned gear, which is great if hand-to-hand combat is your thing, or you prefer a heavy build to anything else. Luckily, the Brigandine Armor Set can be acquired early on in the game as long as your stealth game is ready to be put to the test!

Brigandine Helm

  • Location: Wenlocan Outpost, Sciropescire

When you come across this heavily guarded outpost, you want to head to the left once you enter the front gate. There will be a cave over here and one tip is that you want to look straight across from the entrance for the movable rock.

You need to pull it out of the way, then squeeze through the opening to reach the other side. There you will find the chest that contains the Brigandine Helm. However, be ready for combat as those at the outpost will come after you if you are seen or heard in the vicinity.


  • Armor: 31
  • Light Resistance: 25
  • Heavy Resistance: 21
  • Evasion: 9
  • Weight: 16

Brigandine Cape

  • Location: Quatford, Sciropescire

The gear symbol on your map might fool you as to the chest’s location, as you actually want to look for the secret entrance instead. It will be southwest of the gear mark and when you come up to it you will see a breakable rock wall.

You could use your ability called Incendiary Powder Trap to break it down, or you can just shoot the cart beside it that is filled with explosive red pots to break it down. Make sure to wait until the flames clear to avoid losing health before heading into the cavern.

Once inside, follow the platforms and break down the wooden wall, then pull the movable rock out of the way. Finally, slide between the crevice in the wall and look to your left to find the chest with the Brigandine Cape.


  • Armor: 26
  • Light Resistance: 21
  • Heavy Resistance: 25
  • Evasion: 9
  • Weight: 16

Brigandine Gauntlets

  • Location: Beamasfield, Cent

The chest holding the Brigandine Gauntlets requires two keys before it can be unlocked, and it is located in a distrust area so make sure Eivor has an overpowered build. When you reach the house with the chest, if you look out from the front of it there is a house to the right with the first key. The easiest way to access it is to jump through the window and grab it off the table.

The second key is found behind the house with the chest and it is under a wooden hut in what looks like a lumber yard. There are several guards around it so this key is basically impossible to grab without entering into combat as it is located on a pile of wood beside the soldiers.

Once you have both keys you can head back to the house with the chest, climb into the attic, and unlock it to receive your prize.


  • Armor: 30
  • Light Resistance: 23
  • Heavy Resistance: 23
  • Evasion: 10
  • Weight: 15

Brigandine Armor

  • Location: Canterbury Cathedral, Cent

The Canterbury Cathedral is a huge building with a lot of ground to cover, but luckily, the chest is located inside of the main structure. When you enter on the ground floor you will notice a cage and the glow of the chest behind it.

Head to the stairs to the right of this and climb the paper shelves on the right-hand side to reach the second level of the building. Once you are up, look across the way and shoot the lock off the door on the opposite side with your bow.

Next, climb across the rope to the other side and enter the door whose lock you just shot off. Follow the stairs leading down and you will find yourself on the correct side of the gate. Shoot the pully holding up the chandelier and it will break the rocks on the ground to reveal this chest.


  • Armor: 33
  • Light Resistance: 20
  • Heavy Resistance: 26
  • Evasion: 10
  • Weight: 15

Brigandine Trousers

  • Location: Dover Fortress, Cent

The final piece of the Brigandine Armor Set is located in the underbelly of Dover Fortress, so if you are up on the cliff, then you need to take a dive into the sea. Once you are in the water, make your way onto the guard-infested platform and take as many out as you can.

It is pretty hard to avoid a fight unless you are a pro at dodging and confusing your enemies, so make sure to have your best weapon equipped. Next, make your way into the cavern and grab an explosive red pot off the right platform. Follow the stairs on the right up and toss the pot at the breakable rocks on the ground.

Once they are broken jump down into the hole and light a torch, as it is pretty dark down there. Finally, break down the wooden wall and loot the chest in the next room to retrieve the Brigandine Trousers.


  • Armor: 28
  • Light Resistance: 26
  • Heavy Resistance: 20
  • Evasion: 10
  • Weight: 15

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