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As a mandatory part of Eivor’s escapades in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll be asked to go to Oxenefordscire to meet with Sigurd at an alehouse in Buckingham. Randvi sets the mission up as a simple meeting of siblings but of course the quest winds up being far more complex than an exchange of pleasantries.

Even pro gamers can get lost and are confronted with challenges and problems during the journey that make them seek help. The game is sometimes kind about providing waypoints for direction, but not all quandaries are solved with a few buttons. This is a guide that will go over the entire questline and it will provide details on anything that isn’t straightforward.

Brewing Rebellion

  • Find And Speak To Sigurd

As soon as you reach the alehouse marked on the map, you’ll find that Sigurd isn’t present. You’ll be given the option to talk to many people to figure it out, but the correct NPC is the alewife wiping a table by the front door. She’s none too keen on Danes, so you’ll have to either be nice to her, bribe her, or threaten her to get your next location nearby.

Use your raven to spot the hiding place in a fish house.

  • Reach Buckingham’s Longhouse

The location is guarded, but your companions will join you in battle and help you force the door open.

  • Secure The Longhouse

After a cutscene, Lady Eadwyn’s guards will be told to kill you all. Kill them instead.

  • Find And Rescue The Thegns

The location is clearly marked. It’s a moderate distance away, but Sigurd will keep you busy with some chatter about Fulke. Upon arrival, an unfixed third-person view will show the situation on the thegns. No timer or enemy will kill the prisoners, so just win the fight to progress.

After untying them, run toward a stone arch that will be automatically marked on your map to get away and trigger the next cutscene.

  • Report Back To Geadric

Geadric is now in a different location commanding a small unit of troops, simply follow the map marker. Speak to him.

Pilgrimage To St. Albanes

  • Find And Speak To Sigurd

He’s not far off and will be marked.

  • Find And Rescue Fulke

If you have not yet raided St. Albanes, now is the time to do it. If you do not, you’ll have to raid it again later to gain access to the wealth. Fulke is studying in the catacombs here.

  • Follow Fulke

After a cutscene, you’ll be instructed to follow Fulke. If there are any guards left, you’ll have to fight them on the way out, but there is some dialogue during the combat to pass the time.

She’ll lead you to a stable. After a lengthy cutscene, you’ll be prompted with the next mission.

Blood From A Stone

  • Follow Fulke

Hop on your steed and continue to follow Fulke. She’ll lead you to the ruins of Evinghou Tower where she’ll dismount and proceed on foot. Follow her lead as she scales up some scaffolding.

  • Search For The Saga Stone

The place has been ransacked, but if you move the obstacle blocking a doorway, you’ll find Acolyte Paul’s body to trigger the next event.

  • Clear Out Eadwyn’s Soldiers

You’ve been followed by Lady Eadwyn. Regardless of prior choices, Eivor will defy Sigurd’s decision, Eadwyn will scamper off and you’ll be forced to fight her forces.

This is the infamous moment where you can punch Basim and Sigurd, but resist the urge if you want to receive the best ending. After this, you’ll get your next goal.

Chipping Away

  • Weaken Eadwyn’s Hold On Oxenefordscire

Depending on how active and exploratory you’ve been, you might have this mostly accomplished already. Regardless, you’ll have to meet and save a group of men along the road.

Then turn the defense into offense by setting some carts ablaze. You can toss a torch, but it’s easier to shoot a well-placed arrow at the explosive barrels in each cart.

This will get you to about 90% done, but you must complete the next step called Fiery Ambush before the mission is officially marked as completed.

Fiery Ambush

  • Find And Speak To Fulke

After locating Fulke, you’ll have to interrupt her conversation. Much like the alewife from earlier, this can go over peacefully or violently.

  • Prepare To Ambush The Reinforcements

This step is done purely for your benefit as you can kill the reinforcements without the aid of the jars if you’d like. Take the oil jars and place them along the road. Space them out enough so they kill the maximum number of enemies, but not too far apart so that enemies can’t scatter after the first one is detonated.

  • Eliminate The Reinforcements

If you time your shot correctly, even on harder modes, there really won’t be much of a force left to mop up.

A conversation with Fulke will wrap up Chipping Away and Fiery Ambush simultaneously to reveal your next step.

Ringing Cyne Belle

  • Speak To Geadric

Once again, Gaedric is in a new location, but he’s marked. Simply talk to him and you’ll receive your task to destroy the castle’s defenses.

  • Find And Weaken The Castle Defenses

Unless you’re a master of stealth and archery, you will probably have to clear out the guards in the area. They’re all minions, so no big deal there. The tooltip says to sabotage or destroy oil cauldrons and springalds (the mounted crossbows). Walking up to them will give you the open to make them malfunction, you can also swing your weapon and break them.

  • Return to Geadric

Thankfully, Geadric hasn’t moved this time, so you’ll know exactly where he is. To trigger the next quest, tell him you’re ready for the assault.

The Saga Stone

By this point, you’re a master at assaulting fortresses. This one doesn’t have anything unique about it thanks to your sabotage earlier, so simply follow the directions.

  • Shoot Links To Lower The Drawbridge
  • Open The Portcullis
  • Reach The Inner Courtyard
  • Defeat Eadwyn

Lady Eadwyn is one of the game’s weaker bosses despite her range with a spear. Her left knee and right elbow are both weak points if you have a quick arrow and need a good stagger. She does have a red attack cycled into her usual swings, but, aside from her volume of health points, she’s no different than the spearmen you’ve fought before her.

  • Regroup With Sigurd, Basim, And Fulke

After a series of cutscenes, the Vikings and Sigurd will both be in a very bad spot, but this is unavoidable. At least you’ve gained Geadric as an ally.

Reporting On Oxenefordscire

  • Report To Randvi

Go ahead and give Randvi the bad news to complete this leg of the journey.

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