Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Complete The Rekindling World Event

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla continues the series tradition of giving you tons of side quests spread throughout its massive world. One of the earliest ones has Eivor helping a married couple get things heated up… both figuratively and literally. The quest is called “The Rekindling” so it’s not trying to be subtle about the double meaning.

Starting The Rekindling

The quests starts easily enough. You can find a woman walking around Alrekstad talking to herself loudly. If that fails, just look for one of the blue dots on the map that indicated a “mystery.” When you engage her, Eivor will ask about the woman’s apparent marriage troubles. It seems the woman is having trouble getting in the mood, and her husband isn’t exactly sparking a flame himself. The woman recalls that they got really hot and heavy back during their raiding days, and recruits Eivor to recreate those “romantic” times.

Just follow the woman into her house to meet her husband and start the actual quest part.

The First Step Of The Rekindling – Breaking Stuff

This part is pretty self-explanatory. Take out your axe and start busting things up. Just be sure to do it inside the house, so you don’t alert the town guards.

There’s a bunch of wooden walls and pots – just keep smashing until the woman and her husband remark that it’s not quite enough and that they need more stimulation.

The Second Step Of The Rekindling – Starting A Fire

This is the part that got me for a few minutes. The couple asks Eivor to start a fire to really get that raid feeling. The game has hinted at how to start a fire by this point. Press down on the D-pad if you’re using a controller to call up the action wheel. Select the torch. Now the couple tells you to set their house on fire. But what they really mean is to set this pile of hay on the floor on fire.

So drop or toss the torch onto the hay, and watch the flames spread (and maybe back away). The couple will get going from there and you can take pride in your new role as a viking relationship coach.

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