Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Honor Bound Guide

Honor Bound is the first proper quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. After playing through the section as child Eivor — which is fairly straightforward — you will assume control of your chosen protagonist after they are captured during an attempted assault on Kjotve the Cruel.

If you’re still coming to grips with the game and are in need of a little bit of advice, this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Honor Bound guide is all you need to help you get started. Here’s a full walkthrough of the first major story quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Honor Bound Guide

Honor Bound starts with a cutscene where Eivor frees themselves from their captors. Once this ends, you’ll need to walk straight ahead from the pier — be sure to interact with the campfire in front of you in order to get your health back up. You can explore the surrounding area if you like and loot some silver, but the rewards for doing so are pretty minimal. I’d recommend just following the main path in front of you, which will lead you to your next objective.

As you follow the path, you’ll come to a hill. Walk up the hill and climb the cliff-face in front of you — you’ll be able to see your quest marker in the minimap at the top of your screen. Head towards it and you’ll be instructed to climb up to a high point. You don’t need to worry about stamina when you’re climbing, so make your way up in whatever way you see fit. Once you’re at the top, you’ll have to jump down into a pool of water below you.

Climb out of the small water basin you landed in and you’ll see an enemy to your right. He’s weak, but it’s worth taking him out just to familiarize yourself with how stealth works here. Approach him from behind while crouched and you’ll be given the option to assassinate him. At this point you’ll learn that you can carry bodies to inconspicuous areas in order to hide them, but that’s not necessary right now — just remember it for later. Continue heading towards the green quest marker on your minimap.

Along the way, you can assassinate other enemies if you like, or use the new Raven’s sight feature to plan out a route around them. Honestly, so long as you stay hidden in the long grass and don’t come too close to the enemies you pass, you can head pretty much the entire way to your objective without having to deal with any conflict at all.

You’ll soon need to pass through a restricted area, which causes the bottom of the minimap to glow red. There are two guards in front of you, both with their back turned. Now is a good time to get the hang of archery — while still in stealth, aim your arrow at each enemy’s head. Their reaction time is pretty slow here, likely to allow you to familiarize your self with the bow. Simply pick them off one by one (they are completely stationary to allow an easy headshot) and continue towards the quest marker again. Here you’ll bump into your crewmate Dag, who is battering an enemy soldier. He’ll give you a shield and tell you to go ahead and rescue the rest of your crew while he storms the beach.

When you approach the encampment your quest marker leads you to, don’t go straight through the middle. Head around to the left and jump through the second gap in the fence — not the first, which will cause you to be discovered almost instantly.

There is a carbon ingot in the house directly in front of you after you go through the second gap, which is easy to sneak into and loot. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to head to the longhouse, which is the massive building in the middle of the complex. The door is locked, so don’t bother trying to open it — instead, head through the long grass in stealth and climb up the side of the building. At the top, there will be an open chimney you can drop down through. Once you drop down inside, a cutscene will start.

This brings you to the first boss fight in the game. Rikiwulf is not too difficult to beat — this is mainly a tutorial to teach you how to dodge. His attacks are very slow, so wait for him to wind back, dodge, and quickly get two or three hits in. He’ll go down in no time provided you focus on dodging.

A flashback sequence will trigger as soon as you defeat Rikiwulf. Follow the wolf for a bit and you’ll eventually be transported back to the present day, where Bragi asks you to unbind your crew. Free them and storm the stronghold outside. Don’t worry about stealth here, as you have an entire crew with you to take down your enemies. Defeat everyone in the camp and head down to the beach. where you can board and take command of your longboat. On your way to the quest marker, you’ll be offered the opportunity to raid another one of Kjotve’s camps — this is good practice and doesn’t take long, so I recommend doing it just to get your first taste of a basic raid in Valhalla.

Once you’re done, head to the quest marker by weaving around the islands dotted across the sea. You can choose to follow the river if you like, which will then bring up a prompt to auto sail to your quest marker. This allows you to sit back and relax as your crew escorts you to your destination, bantering away to each other while you take in the scenery.

When you land at Fornburg — which your quest marker will lead you to — get off the ship and speak to Randvi, who will be to your right on the docks. She’ll fill you in on Sigurd, your brother. After this, head straight through the village. Gunnar will shout at you — he’s bald and is wearing bright blue, so he’s difficult to miss. He’s the blacksmith here and will sharpen your father’s axe for you, which you reclaimed during the raid earlier on. After this conversation, the quest will end.

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