Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A Guide To All Of The Daggers

If you prefer a faster playstyle then a set of daggers should be your go-to build in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They allow for quick hits and give Eivor more mobility in the heat of combat, unlike some two-handed weapons such as Dane Axes or Great Swords. These daggers don’t deal a lot of damage compared to other more balanced weapons, although they make up for it with speed.

If this is your weapon of choice, there are a total of four daggers that you can collect throughout the game. It might even be worth it to try it out and see how you like them as you compare the daggers to the other more powerful weapons in the game. However, keep in mind that the stats could change based on your skill tree and what you have chosen to unlock!

Yngling Seax

The Yngling Seax is one of the best weapons in the game and it is found in Rygjafylke, Norway. There is a location called Eikundarsund and it can be found early on in the game seeing as you start in this region.

After reaching Marauder’s Den, head to the southwest and you will discover this specialty weapon. There will be a large building at this location and all you have to do is head inside and open the chest. No puzzles have to be solved and it’s not hidden behind a series of doors which is what makes it so easy to acquire.

Most people will love the perk associated with this weapon as it increases Eivor’s melee damage after a dodge, which is the primary form of defense with this dagger. You will watch as you slowly chip away more and more health because of this, and it is part of the reason why players choose to upgrade this weapon to the highest extent.


  • Attack: 10
  • Stun: 32
  • Speed: 80
  • Crit-Pre: 64
  • Weight: 10


This Fine Dagger is one of the easiest to add to your inventory as simply visiting a merchant is sufficient. It can be purchased at any merchant location across the map and it will cost you 370 silver, and it is worth the price if you want to wield a dagger in each hand. You will have to level up in order to unlock it, so progressing through the story is worth it if you desire this weapon and want to make an overpowered character.

The perk makes it even better as it increases the weapon’s critical chance when you have low health, and while it is a bit slower than the Yngling Seax, it makes up for it with increased damage. The price point makes it perfect for anyone who wants to try a dagger and it is easily one of the best parts of the game for this reason.


  • Attack: 52
  • Stun: 55
  • Speed: 71
  • Crit-Pre: 73
  • Weight: 9

Suttungr’s Claw

The Hidden Ones play a major role in this story, and Suttungr’s Claw is one of their weapons. It can be found in Wincestre in the Hidden One’s Bureau in this area called the Venta Belgarum Bureau. This is the final piece of the Hidden One’s Armor set which is why so many people desire to have this in their possession.

There is a hidden staircase, which is actually a drop into some water, to the south of Saint Peter’s Church and it serves as the entrance to this Bureau. You will need to dive and swim through the halls until you reach the surface at the other side. Next, you will have to move the movable object to reveal a door and break down the rock wall with one of your abilities or a flammable red pot. You will enter a room where you can collect this weapon, as well as one of the Codex pages Hytham requested.

The perk for this weapon is great if you have a knack for landing a bunch of hits in succession as each one will increase your critical damage. You can stack up to ten hits at a time, and it will change your gameplay as it allows you to take down even the hardest bosses in the game.


  • Attack: 48
  • Stun: 51
  • Speed: 75
  • Crit-Pre: 75
  • Weight: 9


The Kopis is a Superior Dagger that can be acquired about mid-game as it is found in a region called Suthsexe. You don’t have to do anything except complete the main quests associated with this region, and it is one of the best storylines in the game. It will be granted after completing the quest called Storming the Walls, so it is something to look for in your inventory once this is done.

The perk isn’t as great as some others on this list, but it does enter your inventory as a Superior Dagger with all of its upgrade slots already filled. This weapon will restore a low amount of health for each critical hit you perform, so while it isn’t great, it can help if you plan to fight harder Zealots early on in the game.


  • Attack: 71
  • Stun: 96
  • Speed: 81
  • Crit-Pre: 86
  • Weight: 7

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