Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A Guide To ‘A Little Problem’ Quest

There are quests scattered all throughout the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but some of the best take place right in Ravensthorpe. One of these is called A Little Problem and it ends with an animal companion being added to your settlement. It is fairly common to become stuck partway through this quest, but this walkthrough will help you figure out what you might be missing.

It even rewards you with a new ability to use in combat which is something you shouldn’t pass up. This quest can seem confusing at first, but with a little help, you will soon find it was a breeze all along!

Talk To Knud In Ravensthorpe

You will find a child named Knud in the longhouse in your Ravensthorpe settlement and he will tell you that his friends are in danger. He will ask you for your help and you will agree, but he is quite vague about their current predicament.

Follow Him To The House

Knud will take off running and will continue to dodge your questions. He will take you quite a ways along the path into the woods. It is only once you reach the house that you will see the children are fine, but they have something else in mind.

You will meet Eira and Sylvi who will tell you about the trapped wolf inside the house. Eivor agrees to do it as the children tell her if she doesn’t then they will do it themselves.

Kill The Wild Boar Behind The House

Unfortunately, the door to the house is locked and there is no other way inside. One tip is that the key to the door is out back, but you must retrieve it from the belly of a wild boar. Once you kill it, loot its body to retrieve the key so you can let yourself in.

Unlock The Door And Free The Wolf

Once the key is in your possession, head back to the front door and unlock it. Head down the stairs to the left and into the basement of the home, where you will find a wolf locked in a cage.

You can either break the door or open it manually to set the wolf free, but don’t worry, it will not attack you. It will walk outside and head back into the woods at which point the children will praise you for your efforts.

Escort The Children Home

Now that you have freed the wolf it is time to take the children back to the settlement and deliver them to their families, just as you do in the Pending Deliveries side quest. The children will take off running and Eivor will follow behind them with a slight lecture about their actions until they are greeted by a pack of wolves.

Kill All The Wolves

There are three wolves that will appear on the path before you and the children, and it is your job to kill them. The white wolf you rescued will jump in to help you out in defeating the aggressive wolves and it will allow you to dispatch them even faster.

Name The Wolf

Once the fight is over, the white wolf will follow your over to talk to the children, and you are given three options for naming it. You can choose between Dwolfg, Chewy, or Mouse, and whatever choice you make doesn’t change the outcome.

Escort The Children And Wolf Back To The Settlement

Once the cut scene is over, take the children and the wolf back to the settlement along the same path you took to reach them. Once you reach the settlement, the wolf will be permanently added to it and you will be given a new ability called Man’s Best Friend.

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