Assassin’s Creed Fansite Access The Animus Has Deciphered The Isu Language

Assassin’s Creed is commonly known as a series of games that visits different locations around the globe across numerous different time periods, letting players meet historical figures and take part in key events throughout history. However, fans who have played more than a few games will be aware of the Isu mythology which spans across almost the entire franchise, teasing players with glimpses of a mysterious ancient civilization.

Little is known about this ancient race of powerful beings, but every new Assassin’s Creed game gives us further insight into who they were and how they lived. The most recent title, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, has even given dedicated fans some tucked away emails that contain hints on how to decipher the Isu language that has appeared in several installments. With this new information, fansite Access The Animus has finally deciphered the ancient language, and can even teach you how to understand it yourself.

It’s easy to understand how some people may have just considered the Isu language a made-up language with no real structure but in its latest YouTube video, Access The Animus explains how it discovered rules in how sentences have been constructed. These dedicated Assassin’s Creed fans were able to identify grammar cases, verb tenses, and conjugated words, pointing to the fact that the Isu language is coded rather than absolute nonsense.

If you’re interested in learning how to decode the Isu phrases, Access The Animus goes into astonishing depth of how its members were able to finally decipher the language, teaching you all the way. Their effort has even caught the attention of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Narrative Director, Darby McDevitt, who applauded the site’s dedication on Twitter.

When it comes to authenticity, Ubisoft really does put in that extra effort. This is the second time the company has completely invented a language for its games, the other being Far Cry Primal’s imagined tribal language. Well done to Access The Animus for deciphering this imagined language, but also props to Ubisoft for creating a language that the vast majority will pay no attention to. Hopefully, now that the Isu language has been deciphered, more mysteries from the Assassin’s Creed franchise will be solved.

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