Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Where To Find All Feathers

Ezio's desire to collect feathers started in the second game as a tribute to his younger brother Petruccio. And in that title, you had to pick up 100 of the things. Thankfully, the developers were a little kinder for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, as you only need to gather ten.

However, the process to gather them all still isn't too simple. After all, feathers aren't exactly big things that will catch your eye from a distance, and it doesn't help that they're generally high up on the top of tall landmarks. To make the search easier, here are all of their exact locations.

Centro District Feathers

There are four feathers in this large district, and they're pretty spread out.

Centro Feather One

This feather is on the southwest side of the Centro District. You may recognize the area as you visit it during sequence five of the story.

Once you get there, you will immediately see plenty of tall stone pillars. The feather is on the one that has the largest top. To reach it, climb the pillars on the southern side.

Centro Feather Two

To acquire this feather, head to the place where the Centro, Campagna, and Antico districts all come together.

In that area is the Palazzo Senatorio, which has a feather on its roof.

Centro Feather Three

The next feather is atop The Pantheon in the middle of the district. Its exact location is on the large cross that's above the main entrance.

To reach it, go around the back of the building as there are more places to climb up from there.

Centro Feather Four

The last feather in this district is up north at the Mausoleo Di Augusto.

Head to the top of the landmark, and you can find the collectible on the grass up there.

Campagna District Feathers

The Campagna District is home to three feathers.

Campagna Feather One

The Trinita Dei Monti is in the northwest section of the Campagna District. That piece of information is important because at the summit of that specific landmark is a feather.

You can find it on the north side of the roof.

Campagna Feather Two

For this next feather, you must head to the central area of the Campagna District.

It's at the Terme Di Diocleziano landmark by a Romulus Lair. The item is on the raised part of the place, directly in the middle.

Campagna Feather Three

The Caserma Di Alviano is the location where Bartolomeo and his mercenaries are held up throughout much of the game. It's also the place where the last feather of this district lies.

Once you get to the area, climb to the highest point to find the collectible next to some flags.

Antico District Feathers

You can find the Antico District in the southern part of Rome. And there are three feathers in the region.

Antico Feather One

The Colosseum (or Colosseo) is situated towards the northern part of this district.

Slightly southeast of the iconic landmark sits a feather. The collectible is on top of a pillar next to the road.

Antico Feather Two

This feather also requires that you visit the Colosseum.

On this occasion, you have to go inside the thing and climb the northwest wall. At the summit, you'll find the feather.

Antico Feather Three

The last feather is near the Centro District border and northwest of the Colosseum.

Once again, it's on top of a tall stone pillar.

Where To Put The Feathers

You get the In Memorium achievement or trophy once you acquire the last feather. However, there is one more thing you can do with the collectibles.

There's a box within the weapon's room of Ezio's hideout in which you can deposit the feathers. The action doesn't seem to change anything, but you may want to do it if you're a completionist.

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