Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 DLC Includes David Tennant VO Character

During its Extra Life 202 stream on Saturday, November 7, Studio Wildcard revealed the trailer ARK: Genesis Part 2, the second part of the Genesis storyline in the Ark: Survival Evolved virtual survival simulation. In the trailer, two of the game’s current main characters were heard speaking, coincidentally revealing the two voice actors who lent their talents to the characters: Madeleine Madden as robotic AI companion HLN-A/Helena Walker, and the magnificent David Tennant as Sir Edmund Rockwell.

Along with the Genesis Part 2 trailer reveals, Studio Wildcard also reported the Ark community and Extra Life Team raised “ over $180,000 for sick children and beat all of our past records by a significant amount, including last year’s jaw dropping $112,206.35!” An extra special thanks were given to 12 Ark community members who each raised at least $1,000, along with Blue Microphones, Nvidia, Nitrado, Grove Street Games, and Apex Gaming PCs who all sponsored Studio Wildcards Extra Life stream and streamers.

[*Mild Spoiler Alert*] In Ark: Genesis Part 2, Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Good Omens) voices the character of Sir Edmund Rockwell, who starts off in the teaser trailer sounding like your best friend, but then who suddenly turns eerily full of nope. If you’ve seen Tennant play the malevolent Kilgrave in the excellent Jessica Jones series, then you know just how evil a character he can play, and he’s doing it again as Rockwell. According to the Ark: Survival Evolved Wiki:

Edmund Rockwell is a 19th century London Chemist. Ever since he woke up on the Island, Rockwell is curious about the wondrous properties the flora and fauna have. With his keen intellect for his time, he has become the tribe leader of a neutral tribe on the Island. However, his obsession and lust for more power starts him on a path of no return.

This isn’t Tennant’s first voice acting gig, nor is it even his first video game VO work. His IMDb page has him credited with numerous animated voice-over work, including How to Train Your Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Family Guy, and many others. For video games, Tenant has worked on Doctor Who: Attack of the Graske, Kinect Sports Rivals, Just Cause 3, and Call of Duty: World War Two.

If you’re a Wheel of Time fan, then you probably know who Madeleine Madden is, as she has been cast as the indomitable Egwene Al’Vere in the upcoming TV series based on that most excellent series of books. According to her IMDb, Genesis Part 2 seems to be her first foray into VO and video games. From the teaser trailer, it sounds as if she’s doing quite well already.

Side note: Seek out and play the surprisingly good 1999 Wheel of Time video game.

Check out the Extra Life 2020! Livestream Reveals post for more bits and bobbles on Genesis Part 2 DLC, including a look at some of the fantastic new creatures, weapons, biomes, and more you can expect to encounter in-game. Allons-y!

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