Apple TV Gets Support For Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Controllers

Apple has always kind of had an existential crisis with regard to how much of a gaming platform they want their devices to be. While lip service is always paid at press conferences, getting a console-like experience in their various devices has always been a game of inches, and the difficulty in getting quality controllers to work with them has been part of the problem. That is now less of an issue as Apple has announced native controller support for PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 and the Xbox One controller for the Apple TV.

The improvement will be added into the Apple TV’s tvOS 13 update, which is likely in preparation for Apple Arcade launching later this year in the Fall. Apple’s new subscription service provides a monthly set of premium and sometimes exclusive games across all of their devices. 

While they did not clarify this to be the case, presumably the Xbox One controllers that will be compatible are the bluetooth ones released more recently than the launch ones. 

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