Apex Legends Turns on Double XP After New Battle Pass Bug

Apex Legends players will earn double XP towards their season 7 battle pass until next week’s patch, developer Respawn announced yesterday. This change comes after some players reported losing battle pass progress in a recent update. Respawn came under fire for the game’s season 7 battle pass, which many players felt was too “grindy.”

Apex Legends’ seventh season launched on November 4th, with some players calling out the developers for the new battle pass on day one. Players felt it was too “grindy” and took too long to level up. Respawn adjusted the battle pass shortly after the season’s launch, cutting the XP needed to earn a star in half. Stars are earned through daily in-game challenges, which in turn help you level up your battle pass.

Respawn shipped further changes to the battle pass earlier this week, cutting down the challenge difficulty to match that of season six. This new update kept the star rewards the same, making it significantly easier to earn stars and level up. All Apex Legends players were also rewarded ten free battle pass levels as part of this update.

Despite Respawn’s efforts to fix the battle pass, players are still reporting issues, including a bug that causes stars to reset each week. The battle pass requires ten stars to level up, and players who didn’t earn enough had to start their grind over again. The developers addressed the bug yesterday, saying they’ve fixed the issue causing players to lose battle pass progress.

To help players regain their battle pass standing quickly, Apex Legends has turned on double XP. You’ll now earn double the amount of XP for each daily challenge, hopefully cutting your star-earning time in half. This fix will remain in place until next week’s update.

This update also changes the game’s ring damage, adjusting the third ring from 5% per tick to 10% and the fourth and fifth rings from 10% per tick to 20%.

Apex Legends season 7, “Ascension,” will run for approximately three months. Apart from ongoing battle pass issues, the launch has mostly been a success, bringing in new legend Horizon and new map Olympus.

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