Apex Legends Season 14 Introduces New Bug That Gives Characters Wrong Abilities

Apex Legends' 14th season, Hunted, has arrived alongside new legend Vantage, but they're not the only new 'character'—this update also introduced a bug that gives characters other's abilities, spawning posts about hybrids like "Ashloba" and "Gibby Octane" to name a couple.

In the Ashloba clip, Reddit user LiverPoisoningToast shows off some unique Ash gameplay where they use Loba's teleport ability (thanks, GamesRadar). They even have her ultimate. Safe to say that's not intentional, but it's not a one-off glitch. It's fairly widespread with one user playing Valkyrie reporting Mirage's ability, using their Decoy tactical. Another managed to get Mirage's abilities while playing as Newcastle which is doubly broken as you're duplicating Newcastle's model, not Mirage's.

There's also a clip of Caustic using Valkyrie's ultimate ability as Reddit finds itself flooded with clips of legends using the wrong abilities and tacticals. However, Respawn is aware of the glitch and even knows how it's happening, so a fix is likely imminent.

The bug is reportedly caused by players picking a different legend to the one featured on the main menu, swapping out the model and not the abilities. If you want to avoid the glitch, you'll have to stick with whoever is featured on your main menu, but if you don't mind jumping into a match with the wrong model, you may as well risk it.

If you don't get the bug and manage to actually try out some of the legends in season 14, you'll find that there's been buffs and nerfs across the board. Mad Maggie's drill launches twice as fast and her Wrecking Ball travels twice as far, while Newcastle's Mobile Shield now has 50 percent more health and double the movement speed. You can check out all the winners and losers of this update in our breakdown.

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