Apex Legends Duos Mode release date news and Season 3 update latest

Apex Legends Duos Mode is returning to PS4, Xbox One and PC this week.

Respawn Entertainment announced the big news last month, without providing much in the way of details.

Apex Legends Season 3 content is currently headlined by the Fight or Fright Collection event, which is scheduled to end tomorrow.

And now we know that it will be replaced by the return of the Apex Legends Duos Mode on Tuesday, November 5.

Fans have been calling for a permanent Duos Mode for the game but it doesn’t sound like they will be getting it this month.

That’s because the upcoming Apex Legends update will only provide Duos for a limited time.

It’s unclear how long the mode will be made available to play or what time it’s launching on November 5.

From past events, it seems likely that the new Apex Legends update will be available to by 7pm in the UK.

For gamers in the United States, that will mean the earlier start time of 11am PT. As always, it will be worth keeping an eye on the official Apex Legends social media accounts.

Tomorrow’s update looks set to launch a new Themed Event, one of the three types of events you can expect from Apex Legends during Season 3.

The good news is that these usually come packaged with more than just a new mode to play.

These events will generally occur during a season and bring with them a limited-time mode, event challenges that let players earn cosmetics, and a mix of event limited and evergreen cosmetics available for direct purchase.

These events may also include a town takeover or small map change, and potential extensions to Apex Legends lore.

Legendary Hunt was an example of a Themed Event, so there’s a chance that the new Duos Mode is not being launched in the same fashion.

Respawn should announce more during launch tomorrow, November 5, or before the event goes live.

As mentioned above, today is the last day to enjoy the Fight or Fright event, which includes the King’s Canyon Shadowfall mode.

“Darkness descends on Kings Canyon in Shadowfall, a warped version of the Apex games hosted by a mysterious figure.

“At the start of a match, you and 34 other solo players will drop into an eerily-lit Kings Canyon and fight to the death… with a dark twist. Once you die, you will respawn as an undead version of your Legend and join the powerful “Shadow Squad”.

“As part of the Shadow Squad, you will lose your ability to use weapons and your legend abilities will be stripped, but in return, you will be given increased movement and jump speed, along with a brutal melee attack.

“You’ll also have the ability to scale walls and be given unlimited respawns via skydive.

“The battle rages until there are only ten living Legends left, who must then join forces and make it to an evac ship while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them at all costs.”

There is also a limited time to earn all the seasonal cosmetic skins and items before the event ends.

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