Apex Legends DOWN: Server status latest as matchmaking issues strike

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Apex Legends servers are in trouble tonight, with thousands of reports coming in regarding an ongoing outage.

It’s been a big day for Battle Royale news, with new Legends, characters and platforms being announced ahead of the Season 9 launch.

But as of right now, most gamers are concerned about playing games online. And Apex Legends servers are reportedly down tonight for many.

The most recent post regarding today’s outage concerns some of the War Games activities, with EA Help posting on Twitter: “To solve some issues affecting Apex Legends, in ~1 hour we’re turning off Auto Banners and reactivating Ultra Zones.

New War Games schedule:

  • Blue circle Ultra Zones live until 4/21 AM PT
  • Shield Armor Regen live 4/21 – 4/27
  • To avoid further issues, we’ll save Killing Time for a later date!

Apex Legends tease the Fight Night Collection Event

As mentioned above, many Apex Legends fans are currently unable to play on live servers and cannot complete the matchmaking process.

It’s unclear what has caused tonight’s outage or how long it might last across PlayStation, Microsoft and PC platforms like Steam.

However, the good news is that while this outage is affecting some gamers, not all servers have been affected. This means that normal could return within the next hour or so.

One user writes: “What’s crazy to me is how games like COD and Fortnite can have generally bigger player bases (COD having multiple servers for diff games) and still not run into nearly as many Server issues as Apex does.”

Another adds: “Ranked is the only thing that is working, everything else keeps going from server connecting to starting server.”


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