Apex Legends: Complete Bloodhound Guide

Bloodhound is one of Apex Legends’ original warriors, and the mysterious non-binary fighter has more than made their mark on the battlefield. Bloodhound is all about using recon abilities to locate and track down the enemy, making them an ideal choice for the players who are all about thirsting for kills – I know you’re out there, and I respect you, honestly.

In this guide, we’re going to break down what Bloodhound’s abilities are, how to use them, what weapons complement them best, and how to think outside of the box with some unique team compositions and plays. Just read on below for everything you need to know.

Bloodhound’s Abilities In Apex Legends

Bloodhound’s tactical ability is the Eye of the Allfather, which is a long-range scan ability that paints enemies before you, even if they’re hiding in smoke or through walls. All enemies in front of Bloodhound become visible for a few seconds after use, and this is an excellent way to judge whether an area is safe to enter or hunt down a runner that is trying to heal. Works amazingly when paired with Bangalore’s smoke, or Caustic’s gas.

Their passive ability is Tracker, which literally leaves icons on the ground where enemies have been in the last 60 seconds. If you see icons on the ground, the darker the red of the icon indicates that enemies have been close-by recently. You can ping these icons to let your allies know that enemies are near, and of course you can follow them to actually hunt down the enemies that are on the run. Again, excellent for finding enemies that have attempted to make a cheeky escape.

Bloodhound’s ultimate ability is the Beast of the Hunt, an activation-style ability which turns the game world monochromatic but highlights enemies in red, even through smoke etc. This ability is great, but if you suffer from colourblindness, do make sure to change the game settings so you can actually see enemies during this mode. Even without the palette swap, Bloodhound gets a meaty speed boost, making them very ferocious. However, activating this ultimate also lets off quite a loud sound effect, meaning enemy players nearby will likely know that you’re coming.

Finally, being a Recon character Bloodhound also has access to the Survey Beacons, which will highlight the next available ring on the map ahead of time, so you can go there to camp out and lie in wait for your enemies. This isn’t always useful, but it’s nice to have for late-game strategies.

Bloodhound’s Ideal Weapons In Apex Legends

Bloodhound can use pretty much any weapon you throw at them, but the nature of their abilities mean that they are better off being close-up to enemies. I mentioned that Bangalore’s smoke and Caustic’s gas are excellent places to play with Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather ability, but that really does go double for the Beast of the Hunt ultimate. If you have enemies stuck in a room and it’s either filled with smoke or friendly gas, and Bloodhound can rush straight in and start devastating with a shotgun, practically unseen.

Sub machine guns, such as the Prowler or R99, are also excellent for exactly this purpose. Bloodhound excels at that close-to-mid range combat, and so do these weapons. Plus, strafing side-to-side with an R99, combined with the extra speed of the Beast of the Hunt ultimate really do make Bloodhound a challenging target to shoot at.

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