Anthem Cataclysm and Act 01 roadmap delayed in favour of bug fixes and loot

BioWare’s problems with Anthem are not getting any better, as the developer is forced to admit that promised new features will be late.

It’s not been an easy ride for Anthem, since its launch in February, and while the game is nowhere near as bad as some pretend its attempts to turn around its public perception are not going well.

Recently, developer BioWare release a roadmap for upcoming new features, including the game’s equivalent of a Destiny style raid – called a Cataclysm.

The Act 01 roadmap also promised a new mastery progression system, guilds, leaderboards, weekly stronghold challenges, new legendary missions, and new freeplay events. But now all of that has been put on the backburner.

‘While we have delivered many of the Act 01 features on time, we are not going to hit all the goals on our Act 01 Calendar’, admitted BioWare on Reddit.

‘We have been prioritising things like bug fixes, stability, and game flow over the new features of Act 01. We set aside time for this work, but the reality is there are more things to fix and improve than we planned for. While this is the best thing to do for the game, it means some items from the calendar will be delayed.’

As well as general bug fixes and other short-term problems, BioWare has said that improving the loot and progression system is their main priority – admitting that it’s not up to scratch as things stand now.

When the new features, including Cataclysms, will be added to the game is no longer clear but, as usual, BioWare were full of apologies.

‘We know you have been waiting for these updates, and that you might not be pleased with where we are today. We understand and respect these perspectives’, reads the Reddit post.

‘The only thing we can say is this – We Believe in Anthem. We believe the game will be great, but we recognise getting there will take a lot of hard work. We want to do that work and we want you all to join us on the journey to get there.’

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