Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Only Allow For One Island Per Console

Nintendo has shown, once again, that it is still stubbornly in the past. As spotted Twitter account “ACPocketNews,” the official Nintendo AU listing for Animal Crossing: New Horizons explains that users will only be able to have one unique island per Switch console. This sounds like some crazy limitation that should have been left firmly in the GameCube era.

Past Animal Crossing titles have had similar limitations, but they were all on hardware that had very limited storage. The GameCube, DS, Wii, 3DS: each was working with small storage capacity and no real way to expand it. Famously, the first western Animal Crossing game came with its own memory card since the game required all of its available storage. Nintendo wanted people to play the game, not manage save files.

With the Switch, users are given the freedom to expand their console storage with microSD cards. The console is even capable of holding more than a TB of data. What is the reason for this limitation?

This may seem like a small issue, but this echoes what Nintendo did with Breath of the Wild. Despite the Switch launching with 32 GB of onboard storage, users are only able to keep a single save file in Zelda. At least for that game, you could create different user-profiles and start a fresh adventure. New Horizons doesn’t even allow for that.

As this reads, starting an island on a specific Switch means everyone playing on that Switch has to share the same island. Are save files in New Horizons going to take up 20 GB? Is there some weird stipulation where allocating the file space for Animal Crossing creates a discrepancy that the console can’t workaround?

Nintendo has stated that it wants to see the households with more than one Switch, but this is a really aggressive and user-unfriendly way of making that a reality. Not everyone can afford to buy two, three, or four consoles to spread around the house. If you live with a few kids that each want to start their own island, I guess you’re shit out of luck.

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