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Katrina, the island's mysteriously accurate fortune-teller, has returned to the game and visiting her shop is lots of fun. The 2.0 update was the cherry on top of the cake for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nearly everything that fans were asking for has been added to the game and more! For example, something completely trivial yet amazing is the fact that cat villagers will now actually play with cat toys (unlike many real-life cats) but there is much more to the free update such as the wide expansion to Harv's Island.

Harv's Island underwent major changes with the free Animal Crossing update. There are several shops that you can set up on Harv's Island. And although you'll see familiar faces like Leif and Redd, for example, you'll also be able to visit new merchants such as Katrina, the notorious fortune-teller from previous games.

Just like any other merchant stand, you can set up Katrina's shop by donating 100,000 bells to the right gyroid. If you want to get her shop up and running, you need to donate to the gyroid that says it's accepting donations "to fund a mysteriously accurate fortune-teller."

How Katrina Works

Once you've done this, the following day she'll be there from 5 am until 1 am happy to provide her psychic services. You can either ask Katrina to read your fortune or check your friendship level with a certain villager.

If you choose friendship, she'll tell you if you and your villager of choice are close or not, then she can increase your friendship level in exchange for 10,000 bells. This is quite useful if you're trying to get a villager's photo.

If you decide to check your fortune she'll let you know if you're either going to have good luck or bad luck throughout the rest of the day and this prediction will actually influence your in-game luck.

Fortune And Luck

Luck affects the food you consume, friendship, the number of items that spawn, the amount of gold you earn from hitting rocks, and how many bells you get from balloons.

So, if you're told you'll have good luck on a given day, consuming food will give you more stamina, you will bond faster with villagers when you interact with them, you will find more spawnable items, you will receive more gold nuggets when you hit rocks, and more bells from balloons. And the exact opposite will happen if it's a bad luck day.

Purification Items

In case you decide you don't want to live with the weight of this curse on your back for the rest of the day, you can pay Katrina 10,000 bells and she'll lift it and even send you a little reward in the mail the following day. So, in order to receive all Purification Items from Katrina you'll have to get Bad Luck from your fortune and then pay the 10,000 bell fee to purify yourself.

There are four different Purification Items you can collect: Gold Turtle, Horseshoe Door Decoration, Mini Dharma, and the Power Stone. Hope for a bad fortune if you want to get your hands on all of these items.

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