Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Get Nook Stop Items Without Waiting

Gee, getting items from the Nook Stop terminal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons sure is cool, right? There’s so much neat stuff for sale – the kind of stuff you don’t see in your regular ol’ Nook’s Cranny. It’s a great way to stock up on cool furniture and clothing fast, but there’s one problem: that pesky wait. You have to wait an entire day to get something you bought, and let’s face it, that blows.

Well, we here at TheGamer think waiting is for chumps, which is why we’ve concocted a perfect way to get your Nook Shopping items almost instantly.

Get A Friend (Or Someone Else Who Has The Game)

The one thing slight inconvenience is that you’ll need a friend, partner, hetero life mate or some other person who has Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you don’t know anyone who’s playing it, you can definitely find a pal on Reddit, Discord, or some other place where people go and talk about things. Are forums still a thing? They have to be. Regardless, find somebody that you can invite to your island (or who’ll have you.)

Invite Your Pal Over Via Online Play

You’re going to want to visit this friend via online. Please note that this doesn’t work for Local Play, so even if you’re in the same room with your pal, be sure to connect via online play. Go to your airport and talk to Orville, then tell him you want to go online or open your gate. Have a little visit with them, then either go home or yeet them off your island.

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Buy A “Gift” From The Nook Stop

Go to the Nook Stop terminal, pick out something you want, then buy it as a gift for your friend. Send the gift online, then let your pal know to keep their eye out. As soon as they enter and exit a building, it’ll be in their mailbox.

Get Them To Send The Item Back To You

From there, get the other player to shoot you a letter with a gift attached to it – namely, the “gift” you just bought for them. They’ll send it to you, and within a few minutes, it’ll be sitting in your mailbox.

My personal test of this with my girlfriend went off without a hitch. Fairly early in the day, I sent her an online gift and it arrived within minutes. She was able to reattach the gift and shoot it back my way just as fast as it had arrived. We were able to successfully bypass the wait when it comes to buying catalog items with this simple online trick.

So there you have it! If there’s something you want from the Nook Shopping app right away, partner up and get online to get it within minutes. Whether this is an oversight or a deliberate trick on Nintendo’s end, we’re not really sure, but it’s a handy little thing to keep in mind.

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