Animal Crossing Fan Demonstrates Why The Camera Should Follow You Underwater

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the game that keeps on giving, but there’s one thing that we wish the developers would add. After you see this Animal Crossing fan’s demonstration, you’ll see why we think the camera should follow you underwater.

Animal Crossing is all about mirroring real life in a fun and safe environment. The developers have been very good about making sure that the game is updated on a nearly weekly basis to keep up with nature. Your little island will reflect the world outside, even down to changing leaves! However, the one area that has been largely ignored in the updates is the area that surrounds your island—the water.

Sure, fish have been updated, but there is more to the water than just our scaly water breathing friends. One Redditor wanted to show the world just how much we could be missing under the waves by creating this concept work.

Sharks, sunken cities, tropical fish, and ocean mysteries await in this image of a world underwater. There could be places to explore, things to see, items to gather, and maybe even a new village if this were in the game. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any indication that the oceans are going to be updated with any of this. They are likely to stay the way that they are—as a place to dive and nothing more.

It might not be a bad idea to add something else to the water, though. Games that had treated water as more of a color than a point of interest have found success when the areas were updated—Minecraft comes to mind.

For now, though, we are left to dream. To dream of a world where there are underwater villages with unique items and lost treasures. Where you can see all the beauty and wonder of the oceans in a safe and fun environment. Hopefully, the developers see this image and it gets the creative gears turning.

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