Among Us Annnounces Hide ‘N Seek Mode

Among Us news is among us as Red has strolled down the red carpet to unveil a brand-new game mode that's coming out today called Hide 'n Seek where an imposter is tasked with cutting down all the crewmates in a a more Dead by Daylight-style fashion.

"EMERGENCY MEETING. Our official Hide n Seek mode is coming out extremely soon on all platforms Dec 9 2022," Among Us tweeted. "[There are] new surprises to survive from, a beanload of new cosmetics and pets, pet your pets!!, screaming, and more!! it's our biggest update this year!!"

The imposter is far more obvious with a wide-open jaw showing off their knife-sharp teeth, chasing down crewmates as they desperately try to complete tasks. It looks a lot more action-packed than the usual, slower-paced, Among Us mode.

The trailer opens up with an animated scene of the beans chilling in the cafeteria, before Red explodes into a monstrous nightmare that storms down the halls, lunching on all the others, all while brandishing a knife. It's Alien with even more splasher motifs. But oddly enough, this imposter can't use vents – the crewmates can. Things are flipping on their head, so you'll have to get used to the new ruleset.

Among Us has long had pets, letting you compliment your little coloured bean while you dodder about spacecrafts and facilities, completing menial tasks in a bid to beat the imposter at sabotaging you in this endless game of cat and mouse. But you could never pet the pets. They would follow you around – looking cute – and, sometimes, get you in trouble. Worth it, anyway. But now they're interactable, as you'll be able to bend on down and give 'em a little tap for being a good critter.

As for screaming? Well, take that how you will. With the update coming out soon enough (on December 9, which is now for those in some parts of the world), we'll find out before long.

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