Amber acquires Scorpius Games and its PositronX shooter game

Amber, an outsourcing company that makes games for other publishers and developers, has acquired Scorpius Games and its PositronX shooter game for the PC.

Under the deal, Amber is picking up 10 employees at Scorpius who are steeped in making PC gaming technology and games, and it will also likely find a publisher for the PositronX sci-fi shooter title. The price wasn’t disclosed.

The deal comes after Bucharest, Romania-based Amber expanded to Guadalajara, Mexico, where it is creating a new game studio.

The Bucharest-based Scorpius Games team brings significant Unreal Engine experience to the table, as Amber looks to further its expertise in PC and console development.

Above: Mihai Pohantu is CEO of Amber.

Eugen Udrea, CEO of Scorpius Games, said in a statement that the company is excited to join the expanding talent pool at Amber. He said the two companies have been collaborating with each other over the last year to work on advanced Unreal Engine technologies.

Mihai Pohontu, CEO of Amber, said the merger will consolidate Amber’s position as a maker of PC and console games. He said it’s a reciprocal partnership when it comes to technical expertise, and Amber will also give Scorpius Games access to its workforce of 450 employees. Amber will continue to help develop the new game, PositronX.

PositronX will be a replayable Rogue-lite first person shooter that emphasizes strategic fast-paced combat, creative time and movement mechanics, and detailed visuals. With the game still in Early Access on Steam, Amber will take over the continued development and launch of the game.

Above: Amber is acquiring Scorpius and its shooter game PositronX.

Amber partners with brands including Disney, NBC Universal, Paradox Interactive, Rovio, That Game Company, and Raw Fury among others. Amber was founded in 2013.

In the past, Amber has helped publish several games via the incubator/accelerator Carbon, part of an ecosystem of companies in Bucharest. Carbon directly published an Amber-developed game called Link Twin, which won a Silver Award at Pocket Gamer Connects London in 2017. Amber will most likely look for a publisher for PositronX.

Formed in 2009, Scorpius has previously developed a survival role-playing game survival game for PC called I Shall Remain, released in 2015.

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