Amazon’s New World Gets Seven Wheel Of Time Skins Via Twitch Drops

The last episode of Amazon's Wheel of Time series airs tonight, and to celebrate its end, Amazon is tying the game into its big MMO, New World. From now until January 12, watching Twitch streamers will result in receiving a new skin for each hour you watch.

There are seven exclusive skins to earn, so that means seven hours of Twitch viewing. Ideally, you'll just leave Twitch on in the background while you do whatever you want–whether that's opening gifts on Christmas day or sampling the eggnog on Christmas night.

As for what you get, well, we've got that covered in the list below.

  • Drop 1 (1 hour) – Nynaeve’s Coat
  • Drop 2 (1 hour) – Red Ajah Cloak
  • Drop 3 (1 hour) – Tam’s Blade
  • Drop 4 (1 hour) – Ouroboros Crest
  • Drop 5 (1 hour) – Children of the Light
  • Drop 6 (1 hour) – Shadowspawn Blade
  • Drop 7 (1 hour) – Egwene’s Cloak

The Wheel of Time crossover event runs from now until January 12, 2022, at 12 AM PT. You can head to New World Twitch drops page for instructions on linking your accounts. Be sure to start your streaming with at least seven hours to spare if you want all of these exclusive items.

New World also has a holiday-themed event going on. Winter Convergence lasts from now until January 11 and celebrates the season with limited-time quests for even more cosmetic items. Armor, weapons, furnishings, skins, consumables, and the "present gifting" emote can be yours for taking part. And even if you don't, you can always enjoy the snow and beautiful Northern Lights in Aeternum this time of year.

If you’re new to New World, check out our various guides to get you started on your journey. We’ve also got a great guide for making money fast, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer.

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