Amazon Updates Alexa After It Challenges Little Girl To Electrocute Herself

20 years ago most of us thought the future held flying cars and robot butlers. In reality, we're all just looking at our phones getting angry because everyone doesn't agree with us. We do sort of have robot butlers, though. They don't look like something from The Jetsons. They're just little devices we call upon when we need to set an alarm or if we can't remember the movie we know that guy from.

Those devices take the form of Google Home and Amazon's Echo, better known to so many of us around the world as Alexa. The popularization of the device has ruined the name Alexa forevermore. If anyone in your house has that name, then calling her will also awaken all of your Amazon devices. Turns out sharing your Echo's name is just one of the problems Alexa can cause.

One owner recently reported that Alexa challenged her ten-year-old daughter to try and electrocute herself. The girl and her mom Kristin Livdahl had been completing fun challenges together to pass the time and called upon Alexa for some fresh ideas. The voice assistant then proceeded to suggest the girl half insert a plug into a live socket and touch a penny to its exposed metal prongs.

Livdahl posted proof of what Alexa asked her daughter to do via the tweet above. She later added that she screamed no, but her daughter is too smart to have followed Alexa's advice anyway. Amazon appears to have worked quickly to patch the issue. If you or your children ask your own devices for fun challenges to complete, it shouldn't suggest the penny challenge. It should also be noted that Alexa has a kids mode you can activate which limits what your children can do with the device.

The penny challenge isn't something Alexa dreamed up all by itself. It did the rounds on TikTok and other social media sites about a year ago. The word challenge and how much traffic it has generated during that time will have been why it topped Alexa's list when it was asked for a challenge to do. Needless to say, we strongly recommend you do not try to complete the penny challenge. It could and likely will result in you suffering a serious injury.

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