Amazon MMO Lost Ark Launches In US, Europe, Latin America February 2022

Amazon Games has announced that Lost Ark, a popular MMO from Seoul-based studio Smilegate RPG, will launch in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Oceania on February 11, 2022 for PC via Steam.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMOARPG developed by Tripod Studios that has garnered millions of active players in Russia, Korea, and Japan since its launch in November 2018. Amazon Games showcased a new gameplay trailer at The Game Awards to commemorate its anticipated expanded release. The trailer is the final installment of Lost Ark's Heroes of Arkesia YouTube series, giving prospective players a look at the fast-paced combat and stunning post-apocalyptic environments.

“We are thrilled to bring Lost Ark to more of the world, and with today’s launch date announcement we are one step closer to the moment when players can experience the game’s stunning world and exhilarating combat for themselves,” said Christoph Hartmann, vice president at Amazon Games. “In February, players will be able to jump into the fantastic world of Arkesia for the first time and create an experience that is truly their own.”

In Lost Ark, players embark on a journey to find the titular Lost Ark in a world on the brink of war, discovering wonders beyond their imagination at every corner of the map in every city, castle, and catacomb in its namesake Arkesia. Players can choose from 15 distinct hero classes, each with unique combinations of adaptable skill sets, and use the Tripod skill system to select and enhance the traits of a combat skill when it reaches a certain level. They can expect to dive deep in the rabbit holes of chaos dungeons, face off against expert players in PvP duels, and defend themselves in the fight against the demon legion to reclaim the eternal power and light of the Lost Ark.

Although it is in open beta-test mode in Russia and in closed beta-test mode in Japan, Lost Ark has received numerous praise for mixing MMO and ARPG genres together, its beautiful graphics, thrilling hack-and-slash gameplay, and multifarious gameplay modes. It has already won six awards in various categories at the Korea Game Awards, including the Presidential Prize in 2019.

Players who purchased the Founder's Pack on Amazon or Steam will be granted early access to the game starting February 8.

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