All Safe Codes And Locations In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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There are three safes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign, one in the "El Sin Nombre" mission, and two in the "Alone" mission. These safes can be unlocked to give yourself an advantage while playing through the levels, and on higher difficulties, these can make a massive difference. You will also need to open these safes to unlock the "Gentleman Thief" achievement.

This guide covers the location of each safe as well as the codes needed to open each one. We'll also let you know what is inside each safe.

Safe Code – El Sin Nombre

The first safe can be found during the "El Sin Nombre" mission wherein you are tasked with meeting the mysterious cartel leader, El Sin Nombre.

The safe code is 02-02-19. Inside is a Lockwood shotgun and a couple of armor plates. Wonder where the code was located? It's actually on the portrait of Lazar Salgado.

Here's how to find the safe:

  • Once you are handed the mask by Alejandro head out onto the terrace to your right.
  • Go to the back of the terrace and exit the gate out to the left-hand side.
  • You'll see a balcony and a round tower. Climb onto the balcony and into the building.
  • Sneak into the building, up the stairs, and deal with the guard in the corridor.
  • Keep heading down the corridor, and go left through the door.
  • You will enter a large bedroom (actually Diego's room) and you'll see a closet. Open the closet and the safe is inside.

There are other ways to access this room, although the balcony is safest and only takes you past a single guard. All of the second floor is a Restricted area, which means the guards will shoot you on sight.

Safe Code – Alone #1

The second safe in the campaign is located in a mission just after "El Sin Nombre", "Alone." In this mission, you play as Soap, who has become separated from Ghost after some pretty chaotic mishaps. This is a huge stealth mission, and the items in the safes can definitely come in handy.

The safe code is 10-10-80. Inside you'll find a silenced pistol and a throwing knife, and a pile of cash. The code is located on the calendar in the same room.

Here's how to find the safe:

  • The safe is in the room above the area with the shotgun trap. Disarm the shotgun and head upstairs.
  • Head past the man on the floor, and before you jump down off the balcony, open the crafting menu to craft a Pry Tool.
  • Turn left and find the locked door – there is a sign that says no entry next to it.
  • You'll need a Pry Tool (crafted with tape and metal) to open the locked door.
  • Inside is the safe.

Safe Code – Alone #2

The last safe in the campaign is found later in the "Alone" mission, just after you drop off the balcony we mentioned above.

The safe is code 37-60-80. The code is found on the screen of the laptop inside the garage. Inside, you'll find a Crossbow (pretty neat, and pretty sure this is the only time you can get the Crossbow in the campaign) and some more knives.

Here's how to find the safe:

  • After you've dropped off the shattered balcony, turn left and head into the "El Maistro" garage.
  • Go into the room with car on the jacks, check the laptop (this is where the code is), then head into the back room office.
  • The safe is located inside.

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