All leaked skins introduced in Fortnite 11.40 patch revealed

Epic is rolling out the Fortnite 11.40 update, and it will be introducing a series of new skins to the game when it formally goes live.

So far, dataminers have managed to uncover 24 new skins for the game – and you can see them all in the gallery below.

We'll keep you updated and share more images as soon as they become available. This update is set to be pretty big, so you can likely expect to see more skins revealed in the near future.

For now, here's everything expected to come to Fortnite over the next few weeks – check out the skins in the gallery below.

There's also a set of new items due to come to the game, too.

First of all, we can expect to see new Assault Rifles.

A new feature called ' sidegrading ' will allow you to change your Assault Rifle into a Heavy AR via Upgrade Stations that will appear on the map.

It also seems we're going to get a series of new emotes.

So far we've seen Cap Kick, Focused, C'Mere, Shadow Spar and Raise the Roof.

There are also five placeholders in the game files at the time of writing – these may be revealed later in the coming weeks.

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The new music track, Mellow Days, will also be added to the game as of this update – you can here that here .

It seems there will also be Overtime Challenges that will take place over the coming three weeks. Take a look at the images below for a hint as to what these will be, and we'll take a deeper dive into this information in a separate article coming soon.

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