Alienware's Concept UFO Is Like A Switch That Plays PC Games

Alienware has shown off a new prototype during CES 2020, and it looks an awful lot like the Nintendo Switch. The Concept UFO–which, as the name suggests, is still a concept that the company is working with rather than a finalized product–is a portable system with a screen that can detach from the controllers on either side of it, much like the Joy-Cons slide off the Switch.

CNET has gone hands-on with the Concept UFO, and said that, compared to many other prototypes shown at CES 2020, it “looks and feels finished, with a high degree of polish.” The prototype consists of a small Windows 10 tablet with two attached controllers on either side, and like the Switch it can output to a bigger screen as well.

There’s no news of a release date, or even definite confirmation that Alienware will release this as a consumer product, according to CNET, but they report that World War Z was “surprisingly playable” on the Concept UFO.

The Nintendo Switch, which serves as the clear inspiration for Concept UFO, is currently discounted on eBay. Here’s our list of the best games on the system.

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