Adin Ross Confronts The Man Claiming To Have Swatted Him

Adin Ross has confronted the man responsible for recently swatting him, Kai Cenat, and IShowSpeed, who claims that he did it because Ross missed a message from him on Discord.

Earlier this month, Adin Ross was swatted by an unknown viewer while streaming live on Twitch, leading to him being briefly banned from the platform due to the video going against community services and showing a "situation where a user has lost control of their broadcast due to severe injury, medical emergency, police action, or being targeted with serious violence".

As reported by Dexerto, Ross spoke to the man claiming to have swatted him (along with IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat) during his Thanksgiving livestream. Ross confronts the swatter on Discord, questioning him on why he did it. In response, the swatter says, "Do you remember that one conversation we had a long time ago and I said if you keep egoing (presumably meaning ignoring) me and being a weirdo I'd get your door fucking bashed in?"

The swatter then claims that he helped Ross when he first got swatted and says that after Ross ignored his message he "had to get his revenge somehow". He then claims that the message was a very important thing, telling Ross that swatting him was funny because "you scared for your life. You thought you were going to die. That shit is funny as fuck".

After that, the swatter asks Ross if he can have $10,000, which Ross instantly says no and says he can't believe he just asked him that. Mockingly, the swatter then asks Ross if he can come hang out with him, asking him if he's at the home he was swatted at and then telling him that "if I wanted to, you would’ve died".

Ross goes silent for a little bit after that and then accuses the viewer of also swatting Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed. The swatter pretends to be surprised and then admits to having recordings of both events on YouTube. The conversation ends with the swatter asking Ross for $10,000 again. It's not clear if the anonymous viewer was actually the one who swatted Ross, Cenat and Speed, but they seem pretty confident in that fact.

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