Activision hints at new Crash Bandicoot games and more remakes

The huge success of Crash and Spyro is going to lead to more Activision remakes, new games, and even new IP.

They might be one of the biggest video game publishers in the world but Activision are in a precarious position at the moment.

Ever since Bungie left to publish Destiny themselves, Activision has been left with only one major game to sell, and while that one franchise is Call Of Duty having to rely on it and nothing else is clearly not good business sense.

Activision’s only other major hits recently have been remakes of the old PS1 Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon games, and unsurprisingly that’s something they now want to double down on.

Speaking to investors, Activision talked about ‘new content’ within both franchises and implied that they were looking to create remasters of other franchises as well.

The repeated use of the word remaster is odd because all the recent games have been remakes created from scratch. And whatever you think of the original games they’ve all been of an impressively high quality.

The lose terminology is probably because they were only talking to investors, who don’t necessarily know all that much about games – either that or it was transcribed incorrectly.

The new content presumably implies brand new games starring both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon, which has seemed a no-brainer ever since the first remake became a hit.

What other franchises they could be hinting at is a mystery though as there’s nothing else that seems obvious. Most of Activision’s most famous games are either extremely old Atari 2600 titles or connected to a licence of some sort.

For example, a remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater would certainly get a lot of people excited but they don’t have the licence for Tony Hawk or the music anymore, which means it’d be a fairly expensive project.

The publisher does have plans to make brand new games as well though, with COO Coddy Johnson stating that, ‘We have new IP initiatives under way and given our track record, we feel pretty confident about our ability to have success here over the future.’

What type of games they might be is impossible to guess, but at this point in time they’d almost certainly be next generation titles.

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