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Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits has plenty of features you wouldn't expect in a fishing game. Ace Angler Party is the perfect example of this peculiarity. Of course, you can face off against friends in traditional Ace Angler competitions. But you can also play bizarre minigames that have you knock out gators, feed dolphins, and flee from a bloodthirsty shark!

While Ace Angler Party offers good, silly fun, it's also a great place to earn medals without gambling yours away. Each competition and minigame has medal prizes. Plus, challenge modes, like Tour and Master Challenge, offer high-medal prizes and ticket rewards. But, if you want to rake in the gold, you have to up your game. So let us take you under our fin and teach you how to master this attraction!


Competitions are Ace Angler's multiplayer fishing battles. Up to four anglers play the traditional Ace Angler game, with specific objectives for each competition. In addition, some competitions have Snatch Battles, which lets players steal fish from an opponent's line with their thunderbolts. There are nine different types of competitions, listed below:

Competition Objective Ultra Thunderbolt Settings (Battle Mode Only) Snatch Battle Settings (Battle Mode Only) 1st Place Prize (Battle Mode Only)
Big Game Rush The player who scores the most points wins. Higher-class fish award more points. Enable/Disable Enable/Disable Ten Medals
Weight The player who catches the heaviest total weight of fish wins. Enable/Disable Enable/Disable Ten Medals
First Tuna The player whose tuna catches gains the most money wins. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals
Crazy Catch Catch the most fish to win the contest. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals
Sushiro The player who catches the highest total value of sushi wins. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals
Gindaco Catch takoyaki, and score the most points to win. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals
Ottotto Catch Ottotto, and score the most points to win. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals
Unfortunate Animal Catch animals with the most Misfortune Points to win the contest. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals
Rainbow The player who catches the most different types of fish wins. Enable/Disable Unusable Ten Medals


Minigames are Ace Angler's party games, played with a single Joy-Con. Some minigames include motion controls, like Gator Panic and Dinner Time. Other minigames use traditional controls and replicate party game standards, like Turtle Tops and Harpoon Hunt. Finally, some minigames incorporate Ace Angler mechanics in new ways, like Careful What You Fish For and Fishing For Gold. There are twelve minigames in total:

  • Goldfish Scooping: Catch as many goldfish as you can! Golden Goldfish are worth more points!
  • Harpoon Hunt: Fire your harpoon at the fish targets! Golden fish are worth more points!
  • Shark Escape: Dodge the obstacles and race for the finish line!
  • The Fast And The Focused: When the bobber sinks, be the first to swing up the Joy-Con and reel in the fish!
  • Fish-ful Thinking: Reel in the fish in question before anyone else!
  • The Big Haul: Raise the net at the right time to catch the fish!
  • Turtle Tops: Move the stick to drive into your opponent's turtles and knock them out of the ring!
  • Dinner Time: Throw food into the open mouths of the dolphins! Feed the Golden Dolphins for more points!
  • Gator Panic: Hit the alligators with the hammer as they emerge! Golden Alligators are worth more points!
  • Careful What You Fish For: Catch the fish one by one but be careful not to reel in the wrong one!
  • Fishing For Gold: Use the net to catch the fish as they emerge! Snag the golden fish to get higher scores!
  • Tuna Race: Rotate the Joy-Con quickly and be the first one to reel in the tuna!

Game Modes

Ace Angler Party has four game modes. Battle Mode, Minigame Mode, and Tour Mode can be played alone or with friends. Master Challenge Mode is a single-player challenge mode. Here's what you can expect in each mode.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, you can play exhibition matches of fishing competitions locally or against the CPU. The first-place prize is ten medals, and you can adjust Ultra Thunderbolt and Snatch Match rules.

Minigame Mode

Minigame Mode lets you play any of Ace Angler Party's minigames locally or against the CPU. The first-place prize is five medals.

Tour Mode

Tour Mode is a long-form competition that includes minigames and fishing competitions. After each round, players get assigned rods based on their performance. Each player catches a fish, and that fish determines the player's points for the round. The player with the most points after the last round wins.

Tour Mode has three courses:

  • The Short Course has three games and takes five to ten minutes to play. The first-place prize is twenty medals.
  • The Medium Course has five games and takes fifteen to thirty minutes to play. The first-place prize is thirty medals.
  • The Long Course has seven games and takes thirty to forty-five minutes to play. The first-place prize is fifty medals.

Master Challenge

Master Challenge is a mission mode that lets you compete in minigames against progressively harder CPU opponents. Defeating each AI grants a medal or ticket prize.

Tips For Competitions

Competitions will put your Ace Angler skills to the test. You'll get the best practice for these battles by playing through Legend Of The Poisoned Seas and Ace Angler +. In addition, here are some tips to consider when facing off against fellow fishermen.

  • Study The Fish: Exposure to the game's various fish will help you learn fish class, species, and weight. This knowledge will come in handy when targeting catches during Rainbow, Big Game Rush, and Weight competitions.
  • Speed Is Your Friend: While quality can outrank quantity in most competitions, you'll achieve neither if you wait too long for the perfect catch. If fish don't bite after your line sits in the water for a few seconds, you need to reel that line in and cast again. Otherwise, competitors will quickly overtake you.
  • Look Out For Ultra Thunderbolts: In competitions, ultra thunderbolt icons appear across the stage. Move your bobber over an icon to equip an ultra thunderbolt. Ultra thunderbolts will help you catch larger and better fish, thus gaining an edge over the competition.

Tips For Minigames

If you've played any party game before, Ace Angler Party's minigames are quick to learn. Each game utilizes different skills, whether perception, speed, reflexes, etc. However, these tips apply to all of them:

  • Choose The Joy-Con That's Right For You: Many minigames have control schemes using the thumbstick and ZL/ZR buttons. However, since the thumbstick sits higher and lower on each Joy-Con, you may find one that feels more comfortable. Fortunately, you can use the left Joy-Con if you are right-handed and vice-versa. After picking your preferred Joy-Con, the game will ask whether you grip with the left or right hand and adjust in response.
  • The Last Seconds Matter: Most minigames up the stakes in the last few seconds. For instance, Harpoon Hunt has a rapid-fire target that can add up to thirty points to your score. In races like Shark Escape, whoever shakes their Joy-Con the hardest in the last moments gets the lead needed to win. These are great opportunities to pull from behind. They're also vital moments to protect your lead.

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