Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits – Story Mode Guide

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  • What Is Legend Of The Poisoned Seas?
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The original Ace Angler arcade game is a continuous gacha-based fishing game that moves from one stage to the next. However, in Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits, players can take on a mission-based story mode in the attraction, Legend Of The Poisoned Seas. This mode is essential for collecting tickets and medals without spending resources in Ace Angler +.

So, what do you need to know when playing Story Mode? First, several rules do not apply to other game modes. Second, you'll come across various types of challenges with specific conditions. Lastly, the License Rank level-progression mechanic will help your character wield more ultra thunderbolts and defeat more formidable opponents.

What Is Legend Of The Poisoned Seas?


Legend Of The Poisoned Seas introduces your character to a pair of twins who also happen to be marine biologists, Nagisa and Minato. The duo is studying a recent surge of poisonous fish throughout the world's seas. Together, you'll investigate coral reefs, deep sea ruins, sunken ships, and more while meeting poisoned creatures who may hold the key to learning the source of the toxicity.


This mode follows a mission format. Each area has about five or six missions culminating in a boss battle with an Evil Monster class fish. You can earn a Silver or Gold rank in each mission. Silver rank rewards you for meeting the base requirements of the mission. Gold rank rewards those who can complete an extra, more difficult challenge.

If a whirlpool appears before a mission, you must complete a later part of the story to play it.

Story Mode-Specific Rules

If you've already played the arcade mode, Ace Angler +, it's important to note several rule changes in the story mode compared to the traditional Ace Angler experience.

  • Thunderbolts Are Unlimited: One benefit of Story Mode is the unlimited use of thunderbolts without any medal cost.
  • Collect Garbage To Earn Ultra Thunderbolts: Instead of collecting ultra stones to acquire ultra thunderbolts, you'll collect garbage. A three-bar ultra gauge will fill with each piece of trash you acquire, with three bars granting another ultra thunderbolt. Small (Blue) garbage fills one bar, Medium (Yellow) garbage fills two bars, and Large (Red) garbage fills all three bars.
  • Cut Lines To Release Unwanted Fish: Since Story Mode missions have time limits, you can cut your fishing line (Hold the B button) if a fish you don't need bites.

Story Mode Mission Formats

You'll come across various mission formats in Legend Of The Poisoned Seas. Each format has specific rules, obstacles, and goals. Here is what you can expect:

  • Weight: These missions require you to catch enough fish to meet a weight quota in a fixed period.
  • Class: These missions require you to catch a quota of a specific fish class (I.e., Mega, Super, Gold, etc.) in a fixed period.
  • Crazy Catch: These missions require you to catch a specific number of fish in a fixed period, regardless of class, weight, etc.
  • Rainbow: These missions require you to catch a quota of different fish species in a fixed period. Repeat catches do not count toward the mission.
  • Poison Fish: These missions require you to catch a quota of purple-poisoned fish in a fixed period.
  • Medals: These missions require you to meet a medal quota based on the kind of fish you catch in a fixed period. Raking in high-class fish is key to winning these missions.
  • Net Catch: This gameplay mode usually follows Weight mission rules. However, you'll catch fish by throwing a wide net instead of casting a fishing line. Targeting as many fish as possible with each net throw is vital.
  • Rival Competitions: This gameplay mode pits you in competition against other fishers with rules from various mission formats, including Rainbow, Class, Weight, Net Catch, and Crazy Catch.
  • Boss Battles: These missions have two parts. In the first part, you'll fish to earn points to upgrade your rod as much as possible. Then, in the second part, you'll use your upgraded rod to catch two Monster class fish in a set period.
    • It's common for the boss fish to ask a trivia question before a boss battle. Entry into the boss battle is contingent on accurately answering the question. Thankfully, you can guess until you get the correct answer.

    Are you struggling with a mission? You can open Hints with the X button to see helpful details like fish weight, class, medal value, and other mission-specific information. Opening Hints will pause the game, so you don't have to worry about losing mission time.

    What Is License Rank?

    After completing an area, your character's License Rank will rise. License Rank determines the number of ultra thunderbolts you can keep stocked simultaneously. Therefore, as your License Rank rises, so will the capacity of your ultra thunderbolt stock.

    What Are Oceanographic Reports?

    Another neat feature of Legend Of The Poisoned Seas is its Oceanographic Reports. Occasionally, after interacting with certain fish, one of the marine biologist twins will teach you a fun trivia fact about them. Afterward, you can review these trivia bits and photos of said fish in an album of the reports.

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