Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits – Beginner Tips

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  • There Are Four Control Schemes
  • Use Thunderbolts To Fatigue Aggressive Fish
  • Practice Discretion When Using Ultra Thunderbolts
  • Sometimes You're Better Off Cutting Your Line
  • Some Modes Require Medals To Play
  • There Are Several Ways To Earn Bonus Medals

It's not often when titles like Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits come to the West. While this game made a massive splash in arcades across Asia, it hasn't gotten much exposure elsewhere. This new Switch port is the series' first console launch outside Japan and Southeast Asia.

Ace Angler is a fun and frantic fishing game, unlike anything you've ever played! However, the game does a poor job of introducing newbies to the series. Luckily, Ace Angler is so straightforward that you'll pick up the basics in no time. We'll throw you a line with these pointers!

There Are Four Control Schemes

Ace Angler is sparse with its explanations. Even its story mode, recommended for beginners, has no playable tutorial. So, anyone unfamiliar with the Ace Angler arcade attraction will likely feel thrown into the ocean without a life vest. However, you'll find detailed control guides in the Help Menu on your Fishing Pad. There are four ways to play:

  • Handheld Controls: Buttons control all the game's commands in handheld mode.
    • Use the left stick to control the direction of the bobber.
    • Press the A button to bring up the power gauge.
    • Press the A button again at the desired gauge amount to cast the bobber.
    • Finally, press the A button to reel in the line.
    • ZL and ZR cast thunderbolts.
    • L and R cast special commands, like bait and ultra thunderbolts.
  • Dual-Handed Controls: This mode uses motion controls to replicate the feeling of a fishing rod, with the left Joy-Con serving as the rod and the right Joy-Con serving as the reel.
    • Use the left stick to control the direction of the bobber.
    • Swing down the left Joy-Con to cast the line. Casting distance depends on how long you swing the Joy-Con down before returning it to an upward position.
    • Rotate the right Joy-Con to reel in the line. [Note: If you get tired, you can reel in the line by pressing the A button]
    • Thunderbolt and special skill controls are ZL/ZR and L/R, respectively.
    • Single-Handed Controls: This mode also uses motion controls but with reel and rod functions assigned to one Joy-Con.
      • Use the thumbstick to control the direction of the bobber.
      • Swing down the Joy-Con to cast the line (same as Dual-Handed casting).
      • Once the fish takes the bait, rotate your wrist to reel in the line. [Or press the A/Right button]
      • Rod Controller Controls: In regions outside North and South America, players can purchase a rod peripheral to attach to their Joy-Con. Rod controls are similar to single-handed controls. However, turning the reel attachment will rapidly press the A button, thus reeling in fish.
      • Use Thunderbolts To Fatigue Aggressive Fish

        Like real-life fishing, the aquatic creatures you trap in Ace Angler will put up a fight. However, unlike real life, Ace Angler allows you to shock fish with a thunderbolt to stun them for brief periods. Then, while fish are stunned, you can reel them in without a struggle.

        The thunderbolt system is not invincible. Damage values change with each thunderbolt. Plus, more resilient fish will break your line no matter how often you shock them. However, you can earn enhanced Ultra Thunderbolts, which inflict more significant damage.

        We recommend paying attention to a fish's movements to get the most out of your thunderbolts. For instance, a thunderbolt may be unnecessary if you can reel in a fish without much opposing resistance. However, if a fish inflicts excess tension on your line, you'll want to get your sticky fingers on the ZL and ZR buttons.

        Furthermore, focus on the stars that circle above a fish's head after casting a thunderbolt. When these stars disappear, the fish may struggle again, requiring another thunderbolt.

        Practice Discretion When Using Ultra Thunderbolts

        Ultra thunderbolts are limited in Ace Angler. And no matter the mode, it takes work to earn more. Therefore, ensure you save the ultra thunderbolts in stock for worthy targets.

        Once you fill your ultra stocks, you can choose whether or not to use an ultra thunderbolt in story mode. So, save these bolts for larger fish or fish that struggle more.

        After collecting enough ultra stones, you'll gain five ultra bolts in arcade mode. However, these ultra thunderbolts cannot get switched off. In other words, your next five thunderbolts will be ultra no matter what. Therefore, we recommend targeting higher-class fish while ultra bolts are active. If a minuscule fish bites your line, cut it or reel it in without casting thunderbolts.

        Sometimes You're Better Off Cutting Your Line

        Ace Angler's gameplay often gets dictated by chance. For example, if your thunderbolts hit hard enough, it's possible to bag a Monster class fish with a Normal Rod. However, losing a normal or super-class fish while wielding a Legend Rod is also possible. So, you'll need strong judgment to decide when to reel and when to walk away.

        You can hold down the B button to cut your line (story mode only), thus releasing the fish on it. In story mode, cutting your line helps save time so you can focus on whatever target fish you need in a mission.

        You cannot cut your line in arcade mode. However, since each thunderbolt costs a medal, there's no shame in letting a rebellious bite snap the line rather than waste the medals.

        Some Modes Require Medals To Play

        On the surface, Ace Angler is a fishing game. However, upon deeper inspection, it functions more like a casino. The play loop requires you to earn medals and tickets from various attractions to stock the aquarium. Additionally, some modes are unplayable without medals in stock.

        The following modes do not cost medals to play. You can earn medals in these modes to use at other attractions:

        • Legend Of The Poisoned Seas
        • Ace Angler Party

        These attractions require medals to play. It's best to spend time in other modes first before entering them:

        • Ace Angler +
        • Shark Fever

        There Are Several Ways To Earn Bonus Medals

        Grinding through Ace Angler's various modes is the primary method to earn medals. Still, there are several ways to gather gold throughout Marine Medal Mania. So when you need a break from angling, consider these options:

        • Gnasher And Friends Trivia: Whenever an exclamation mark appears above Gnasher, Calamari, Angela, or Jack, you can approach them and answer a nautical trivia question. Often, these multiple-choice quizzes focus on marine biology fun facts. However, they'll also teach you tips and tricks of the game. You can guess as many times as you need without penalty, and correct answers earn fifteen medals a piece.
        • Lucky Roulette: You can spin the Lucky Roulette every half hour to win extra tickets and medals. Furthermore, a Chance Roulette activates every five spins, offering rare tickets and higher medal sums.
        • Pick Up Medals Around The Park: Every so often, medals will generate all about Marine Medal Mania. So walk over one to pick it up.
        • Achievements: Check your Fishing Pad whenever an exclamation appears above it. This mark signifies that you can redeem game achievement rewards, like extra tickets and medals! After opening the pad, use ZL/ZR to shift to the Achievements tab. Attractions with redeemable achievements sport an exclamation point.
        • Check The Fish Medal List In Ace Angler +: Whenever you complete a collection of fish in a new Ace Angler + stage, you'll receive a medal bonus. So, open the Fish Medal List whenever you see an exclamation point to redeem your rewards.

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