A Total War Saga: Troy – release time and how to get it for free from Epic Games

For the next 24 hours you can download Total War Saga: Troy for free and keep it forever, and surprisingly there’s no strings attached.

The Total War series is two decades old this year, with the franchise specialising in epic scale strategy games and battle scenes featuring thousands of soldiers at once, and now you can download the latest one for free.

Total War Saga is a spin-off series of smaller scale games that focuses on a more specific period or location in history. The last one was Thrones Of Britannia, which was set in 9th century Britain, and this one is based around the famous Battle of Troy, thought to have taken place sometime around the 13th century BC – the farthest back in time the series has ever been.

The historical evidence for the battle is very limited – for years historians weren’t even sure where Troy was – so like many movies the game leans heavily on Homer’s the Iliad for its details, including the existence of the Greek gods.

What time is Total War Troy released – will it be free forever?

For the first time a Total War game is going to start as an Epic Games Store exclusive, so from 2pm on Thursday, 13 August just go to the site here and download the game for free.

It’ll only be free for the first 24 hours though, after which it will become a standard paid-for game that costs £34.99. It will also be available on Steam from August 2021 but will not be released on consoles.

However, if you do manage to claim your free copy within that time it’ll be yours to keep forever and you won’t have to pay for it again later.

Will A Total War Saga: Troy feature gods and monsters?

In the Iliad, the gods are treated as being absolutely real and some of them even take part in battles, but although there have been purely fantastical Total War games before – in the two Warhammer games – this takes a somewhat more realistic approach.

You can choose to worship gods, but while they never appear on the battlefield spending the time and money to worship them will grant specific bonuses, such as Aphrodite improving your diplomatic options.

Each god also has a special mythical unit or epic agent associated with them, but these aren’t necessarily supernatural, as the minotaur, for example, is a normal human dressed as a bull.

There’s also going to be free DLC in September themed around the Amazons, who also weren’t real but which the game is going to pretend were (in the sense that they were a tribe of warrior women, not that they had an invisible aeroplane). You can find information of how to claim the download here.

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