A Certain Bald Schemer Is Back In Elden Ring

Elden Ring has brought back one of FromSoftware's most mischievous creations, and he's likely back to his old antics. Beware of minor spoilers for Elden Ring and a couple of other FromSoftware titles below.

If you're a FromSoftware fan, then all you need to hear is the word "Hyena" to know exactly who Elden Ring is bringing back. That's right, the cheeky rapscallion Patches has a confirmed appearance in Elden Ring (thanks Kotaku) just like in every Souls title released by FromSoftware except Dark Souls 2.

In a Red Bull-branded preview event, several Twitch streamers were given the opportunity to stream a demo of Elden Ring, in which Patches himself ambushes the player after opening a chest. Just like in previous games, Patches' reason for doing so is to punish players for their greed whilst simultaneously being a greedy git himself.

Patches has been an expected addition to pretty much every Souls-like title made by FromSoftware ever since his debut in a PS2 title called Shadow Tower Abyss, with Miyazaki himself claiming that every game he's involved with will include Patches in some capacity. The only game he doesn't appear in is Dark Souls 2, although many fans consider the similarly mischievous Mild-Mannered Pate as a Patches stand in.

Patches even appears in Bloodborne in spider form, pushing helpless hunters into the slug infested swamps of the Nightmare Frontier. If you've played a FromSoftware game, chances are you've been screwed over by this devious little trickster, and you likely will be again in Elden Ring.

Speaking of Elden Ring, reviews dropped earlier today, and it's looking to be an all-time great, quickly becoming OpenCritic's highest-rated game of all time. If you'd like to know what we think of the game, you can read our review by Jade King here, who describes it as a "triumphant exercise in fantastical misery."

Elden Ring will finally be available for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X later this week on February 25.

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