9 Things That Make No Sense In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

The fourth installment in season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology strays from its predecessors in more ways than one. Featuring some new mechanics and a new type of villain, The Devil in Me differs from the typical supernatural occurrences of the other games, including Until Dawn and The Quarry. Some may see these changes as significant improvements to the past three games in the season, but with new developments sometimes comes new challenges.

Though it certainly takes its place among other horror games, The Devil in Me suffers from several complications in both story and gameplay. These are ten things that don’t make sense in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

Beware of spoilers in this article.

9/9 The Team Traveling To The Island

This one may seem obvious, especially from your point of view as the player. Even just from the first call Charlie receives from Granthem Du’Met, there are already a number of red flags that point to the stay being a bad idea.

Before and after arriving at the dock, there are additional warning signs, yet no one is convinced to leave. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but Jamie called it early when she sensed the trip was a grave mistake.

8/9 Charlie’s Willful Ignorance

Speaking of desperate times and measures, Charlie, the employer of the group, is oblivious to every red flag he sees. His priorities are completely irrational, as he’ll focus on finding the perfect shot rather than finding any missing team members.

Charlie as a character is extremely irrational, and his choices are nonsensical. It’s not until later in the story that he begins to see things for how they are, but at that point, it’s much too late.

7/9 No One Tries To Escape Through A Window

While wandering around the hotel, you may look at every window you pass longingly, wondering why the characters never attempt to exit through them. Once they realize they’re being watched, and that a killer is controlling the floor plan, the most logical solution is to get outside by any means necessary.

Jumping through a window is obviously a risky choice, but at least you’d have more control over your surroundings, and wouldn’t have to worry about getting trapped in a room. The characters exit the hotel toward the end of the game, but perhaps problems could've been solved earlier if they tried sooner.

6/9 Joseph Morello And His Daughter

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the Morello family, especially when you discover the family’s patriarch was falsely identifying as Du’Met. Early on, as Jamie, you’ll see Joseph and his daughter run toward the ferry, leaving the island.

You’ll likely think you’ve seen the last of him, but towards the end of the game, you’ll discover his and his daughter’s bodies. You won't discover how they got back to the island unless you wind up with the ultimatum ending, but still, Du'Met doesn't seem like one to take the risk of letting anyone off the island, even if he intends to stop them.

5/9 Du’Met Keeps Up With The Boat

If you’ve managed to save some characters, you’ll be able to flee the island via boat. Du’Met is hot on your trail, but you’re able to speed away from him in the water. At this point, you might think you’re home free, but all of that hope is dashed when you see Du’Met’s axe hit the side of the boat.

There’s no way he’d be able to swim that fast to keep up with the boat. He seemingly appears out of nowhere.

4/9 Du’Met Survives The Ending

If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to stab Du’Met with the boat anchor and send him catapulting into the boat’s propeller. Surely, he’d die this way, whether by drowning, blood loss, or being injured by the propeller.

And even if he did survive, he wouldn’t be able to swim all the way back to shore with the extent of his injuries. Either Du’Met isn’t human, or the writers didn’t think this part through.

3/9 Kate Tells Mark To Be Quiet

Kate and Mark walk around the hotel, looking for the others, and end up back in the lobby. Once they get there, they realize they’re in some kind of danger, but the pair will talk at a normal volume.

Kate loudly calls out for her crewmates, and Mark quickly follows suit. Then Kate irritably tells Mark to “Keep it down” even though she was just yelling a second ago. It could just be the writers trying to establish Kate as argumentative, but it really doesn’t add up here.

2/9 No One Has Solved The Case

To call it a case isn’t exactly accurate, as no one seems to know there’s a case to be solved. 178 people and counting have been killed on Du’Met’s island and no one has seemed to investigate it. Police boats frequent the area, which is evident if you use the lighthouse.

A police boat comes soon after shining the light, so surely someone has witnessed the multiple groups of five take the ferry to the island. Du’Met clearly chooses his victims carefully, but some are more high profile than others, like Joseph Morello.

1/9 Light Sources And Equipment

Because the crew doesn’t have their phones, they rely on their equipment or other items for light. You might think each character’s equipment is going to be unique to the gameplay, but their tools are practically useless if not for providing light.

In the beginning, it may seem that these tools will be more important, like when Erin uses her sound equipment to follow noises. But overall, they don’t really serve a purpose. In fact, their equipment is sometimes used against them during Du’Met’s murders.

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