9 Pokemon That Would Make Perfect Exercise Partners

With the large variety of Pokemon available, they could handle several different roles other than just serving as battle partners. Alakazam could assist detectives due to its perfect memories, while Machoke would make a fantastic construction worker. This can be observed in the early section of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Given how capable Pokemon appear to be in assisting humans with whatever task they face, many would likely serve as incredible exercise partners. With their sturdy bodies and loyal bond with their trainers, many of us could reach our fitness goals if we had a Pokemon alongside us in the gym.

9 Hitmonchan: Strapping On The Gloves

Many of us meet our daily needs for physical activity by taking up a sport. One of these includes boxing, a workout that one specific Pokemon specializes in. Hitmonchan, introduced in Generation 1, is a Fighting-type with a passion for the art of boxing and the experience as an excellent sparring partner.

With its swift punches, Hitmonchan would push you to your physical limits, and due to its Inner Focus ability, you wouldn't need to worry about it flinching in the heat of your sparring.

8 Medicham: Strengthening Your Core

Yoga and meditation can be great exercises for lessening stress or relaxing your muscles. Requiring mental focus and stillness of the body, Medicham would make for a solid partner. A Pokemon described to have gained a sixth sense through yoga training, Medicham would correct your body positioning due to its psychic abilities and vast knowledge of yoga.

With enough mental fortitude to meditate without eating for a month straight, you'd be hard-pressed to find a Pokemon as dedicated to heightening your mental energy as Medicham.

7 Ludicolo: Move To The Beat

Hitting the gym may not be your preference for getting in shape. In this scenario, dance is often an enjoyable hobby that can be taken up to exercise. Ludicolo would be a match made in heaven, then. This Grass and Water-type from the Hoenn region is always ready to dance, if its appearance in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is anything to go by.

Bursting with energy, Ludicolo is rarely seen not dancing, and helps keep you motivated throughout rehearsals. With its Rain Dance move, hydration would hardly be an issue.

6 Lucario: A Connection Formed Through Training

We're often more inclined to maintain our exercise schedules when we have a gym partner on the same level as us. Growing together at a similar pace can help keep our motivation up. Lucario, the Aura Pokemon, is all about connections with its partner and would serve you well. With its aura abilities, Lucario would know how hard you're pushing yourself.

It could adjust the exercise to be safe, considering your current health levels. Its resilient nature would make for a reliable partner on a fitness journey.

5 Machamp: Pumping The Iron

Weightlifting is one of the most classic forms of exercise. Pumping your arms to build muscle and endurance is a reliable form of training that several Pokemon could get involved with. Machamp, however, is the clear expert in this field. Possessing four muscular arms, Machamp is the peak of strength and would make for a capable spotter.

No matter the weight, Machamp could securely lower and remove the barbell efficiently. You may overestimate your physical ability, but with a Machamp around, a safety net is assured.

4 Plusle And Minun: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

We could all use a boost sometimes. When you're attempting to maintain a strenuous workout schedule, physical burnout is bound to happen. If this were to happen, Plusle and Minun are a pair of cheerleading Pokemon that would be stellar supports.

While several Pokemon can use the move Helping Hand, these two Pikachu clones are proficient with the technique and would raise your spirits through the roof. Strengthening your body with this move, these two electric mice would enable more stressful workouts for a prolonged period.

3 Incineroar: King Of The Ring

Incineroar is a starter Pokemon from the Alola region, and this Fire and Dark-type is an expert in all things wrestling. With powerful and flashy moves, there is hardly a Pokemon better to get your daily exercise in through the art of wrestling. Incineroar would be an effective partner for children.

The Pokedex describes it as being rather fond of kids. With this innate kindness, Incineroar would be a firm yet caring exercise partner — one who would probably enjoy coaching the children and building up their physical skills.

2 Sawk: Mastering A Martial Art

Often training in a particular martial art will serve as plenty of exercise to meet one's daily needs. In this scenario, the Karate Pokemon Sawk is always ready. A master of this martial discipline, Sawk is stated to desire the strongest karate chop, dedicating themselves to the practice.

As a sparring partner, this single-minded willingness to endure and get stronger wouldn't allow it to ever be distracted during training. Likely, Sawk would be sure to keep you from falling behind on your workout plan.

1 Chansey: Healing On Rest Days

Though maintaining stressful workouts is important for the growth of the body, allowing yourself to rest is just as necessary. Chansey is a Pokemon who specializes in healing others, and would make for the perfect teammate to assist in unwinding.

Its Soft-Boiled move would aid in the recovery of physical stamina, while Heal Pulse could soothe aching muscles. Above all else, Chansey's sweet and tender disposition would keep you feeling comfortable and safe as you allow your body the time it needs to repair itself.

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