8 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Coromon

Coromon is a fun throwback monster capturing and battling RPG that tasks you as a customizable character who seeks to become a famous battle researcher at the Lux Solis Academy. After leaving home, your chosen character will head off around the world in search of Coromon in hopes of taming them, training them, and researching them, while growing a career at the Lux Solis Academy. Playing out like an old-school Pokémon-style game, Coromon is a unique and fun experience with a lot of nuances.

While not an outwardly complex game, there are a number of systems at play in Coromon. The game does ease you into the experience but there are still a lot of things to consider during the opening hours of this charming monster-battling RPG. Fans of Pokémon will really enjoy this game but the game does so much right that it is able to stand tall on its own. The following tips should help get budding battle researchers up to speed.

8 There Are Multiple Difficulty Options

While the game does tell you this early on, it's easy to forget that Coromon is a game that can be tailored to your liking. This becomes especially apparent in the game's four difficulty modes, each of which can be tweaked to find a suitable difficulty for your playtime. Plus, the difficulty can be swapped and adjusted at any time back at the Lux Solis Academy computer terminal.

The game offers players Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane difficulty options, with Normal being the default way to play. If you are finding the experience too easy or too complicated, simply hop back to the Lux Solis Academy starting area and change the settings to your liking. The options menu even has a few toggles that determine when and where you can use your Coromon.

7 A Series Of Questions Determines The Starting Coromon

Upon leaving home and making your way to the Lux Solis Academy to become a battle researcher, the first thing your character must do is to choose a starting Coromon from the available three. In order to decide which Coromon will be your starter, a series of simple questions are asked. No matter how you answer, you are still able to choose any of the three Coromon with the game just guiding you to a choice that might be better for your preferred playstyle.

The three starting Coromon are Nibblegar, a water-type that looks like a shark, Cubzero, an ice-type that looks like a puffy polar bear, and Toruga, a fire-type that looks a lot like a firey turtle. Each of these Coromon plays a bit differently in battle and has differing stats and abilities so be sure to choose wisely.

6 So, So Many Quests

A good thing to know when hopping into Coromon is that this game features plentiful quests to pick up along your adventure. From main story quests that keep you moving through the game's various regions to the myriad side quests, there is always a quest to take on in this game, with some quests being harder to come by.

For example, a side quest in Hayville has players explore the library. Upon chatting with one of the bookworms inside, you can take on a challenge that tasks you with answering a series of questions to obtain a special cosmetic. In order to answer the questions correctly, you must study some of the Coromon books in the library. Quests like this help flesh out the overall lore and world of the game.

5 Take Advantage Of Using The Gauntlet

One of the more nuanced and unique gameplay tools you are given at the start of the game is a gauntlet. This gauntlet is used to interact with the world in numerous ways. For example, one of the gauntlet's abilities lets you stink up a grassy area which means random battles won't happen while traversing that area. However, it's set to a cooldown so it can't be used all of the time.

Another example would be the push ability that you are given in Hayville, after completing a certain quest. As you might imagine, this gauntlet lets you push objects out of the way to find secrets or solve puzzles. The game continues to give you more gauntlet abilities the further you progress and they can easily be swapped out on the fly from the gauntlet submenu.

4 Using The Various Spinners

Where Pokémon uses Pokéballs, Cormon uses Spinners. Spinners, which look a lot like fidget spinners are the main tool used to capture the various wild Cormon around the world. Spinners can be used at any time during battle so long as a Cormon is weakened enough.

Spinners come in a variety of styles including regular spinners, silver spinners, and even trick spinners. Getting to grips with each spinner is of the utmost importance, especially early on, since you are going to want to capture as many of them as you can to add to your squad or Cormon storage. Spinners can be found from chests, given out as quest items, or purchased by a shopkeeper.

3 Battles Take Place At Random In The Wild

Much like other similar monster capturing and battling RPGs, Coromon features random battles that take place in the wild, typically in grassy areas that stick out in the explorable regions. While this random battle nature won't be to everyone's liking, it does at least give you enough chances to practice with each of your Coromon and gain that sweet, sweet experience points.

When out exploring, simply roam through the various grassy-type areas to start a battle. Battles can also take place when interacting with various trainers and battle researchers and these ones usually comprise multiple Coromon fights in one so be sure you are prepared and stocked with healing cakes.

2 Rest Your Coromon To Regain SP

Battles in Coromon work whereby your playable Coromon have abilities that are tied to SP. SP dictates which abilities your Coromon can use at any given time, however, it does deplete, which means it also needs to be regained. Regain SP is as simple as letting your Coromon resting and swapping them out with another one.

Keep in mind that when you swap out a Coromon, you lose that turn so it should be used carefully. It should be obvious but it's worth noting that the stronger offensive and defensive skills require more SP so use those ones sparingly.

1 You Can Save Your Progress Anywhere

One of the best accessibility options in Coromon is the ability to save as often as you want and anywhere you want. Instead of seeking out specific save points, Coromon lets you save everywhere, even in the middle of a wild area. Being able to save during exploration is a wonderful thing.

You can save your game by simply opening up the menu and choosing the "save" option. Alternatively, you can set the "save" option to the start button. Upon holding down the start button, the game will save right away, no matter where you happen to be in the game, with the exception of being unable to save during a battle.

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