8 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Saints Row

The Saints Row reboot's main narrative doesn't last too long, particularly compared to most open-world games. Plus, the map of Santo Ileso isn't the biggest in gaming history, either. Therefore, after finishing your first playthrough, you may feel confident that you've seen everything worth seeing.

However, the game also includes a litany of hard-to-notice items, places, and mechanics. These things are a welcome inclusion as it means there's almost always something more to discover. As such, it's unlikely you've actually found everything in the game. Don't worry, though, as some of the most easy-to-miss items and features are included in this collection.

8 Giant Jenga

A lot of the most interesting areas in Saints Row are located outside the main city. Badlands South is a particularly fascinating region. One thing it contains is a large game of Jenga. They sell so-called big versions of the game in real life, but they're tiny compared to this beast. After all, the thing towers over humans.

The best part about it is that it's actually interactive. You can push and move the structure using vehicles or explosives. Unfortunately, though, you may struggle to have a proper game of Jenga, as the thing falls easily. At least there is a button that automatically re-erects it.

7 Doctor Who Reference

While maybe not as prominent as Lord Of The Rings easter eggs, many games have referenced the TV series Doctor Who. You can find another example in Santo Ileso's Old Town West region, specifically the northeastern corner of it.

In the area, you can locate a glowing phonebox, which looks very similar to the iconic Tardis. Yet, this one has a different name, as in classic Saints Row fashion, it's called the Turdis. You can't enter the device, but you can take a picture of it to add it to your collection of collectibles.

6 The Saints Have A Different Name

The reboot is set in a separate universe from the previous games. As such, The Saints aren't identical to the original version. For one, they contain differing members that nobody ever mentioned in the earlier titles. A more subtle change, though, is the gang's name.

In the original games, the main purple-clad group was named The Third Street Saints. In the reboot, they're simply called The Saints. The switch is logical as the new crew doesn't reside on Third Street. So, the old name wouldn't have made sense. However, you may not notice the change while playing.

5 Johnny Gat Game

While the reboot has some entertaining side characters, most series fans still miss the popular Johnny Gat. This murderous individual used to be the face of the series in the earlier titles. His face still makes it into this one, though.

If you head to the Twin Coyote Arcade in Rojas Desert North, you can find a game called Saints Of Rage, which was a mini-game in Saints Row 4. Unfortunately, it isn't playable in this one, but it does let you get a look at Johnny Gat in arcade form. You can also buy a Saints Of Rage shirt from the arcade's store, which also contains Johnny.

4 You Can Change The Nahualli's Clothing

After you've built up the Saints a bit, you get access to the crew customization menu. With it, you can change the look of Neenah, Kev, and Eli, as well as the random Saints NPCs that roam around. They aren't the only characters you can style, though.

Later in the story, The Nahualli becomes an option after he aligns with the gang. So, you're able to change him out of his signature red getup. You can even put him in Saints' purple to make him feel more like a member of the crew.

3 Unique Visual Mods

The Saints Row series is known for having the wackiness weaponry in gaming. At least, up until the reboot, as this Saints Row tones things down a little. As such, you don't get the classic bizarre weapons like the Dubstep Gun and The Penetrator. Still, you can make some of the weapons sillier by changing their visual mods.

This option is in the weapons customization screen, and it lets you change the look of your gun or melee tool. Alongside ordinary options, you can do things like making your pistol look like a foam finger or turn your AT Launcher into a potato gun. The game doesn't inform you of this feature, but it's a fun one.

2 The Marshall HQ Is Shaped Like A Boot

The Marshall headquarters is a building you see a lot while making your way through the game. After all, it's a giant building within the Lakeshore South region. And you visit the place a few times through the main missions and side content.

Yet, if you're at street level, you may not realize that the tower is shaped like a giant cowboy boot. This is seemingly in the image of its owner Atticus Marshall, as the man is a fan of the western aesthetic. Even so, this is a bit excessive.

1 Bathtub Car

Throughout the game, you acquire all sorts of vehicles, from shiny supercars to ridiculous food trucks. You get most of them added to your garage by doing missions and venture quests. But there are also some interesting ones out in the wild.

For instance, if you make the journey to Rojas Desert South, you can find a car that has been made out of a bathtub. It's a pretty ingenious bit of engineering and feels good to drive. The vehicle doesn't provide much protection, though, so don't get into fights while driving it.

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